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I recently read this post by Dorky mum and I really enjoyed reading her blogger picks, so I thought I would join in.  I think for bloggers and non-bloggers alike, it could be a way to discover new blogs.  Here goes,


… I wish I knew better is Hannah from Make, Do & Push.  I adore Hannah’s blog and love reading about her adventures with the wonderful Busby and soon to be hubby Nick!  I have met Hannah at a couple of blogger events and we get on really well.  She is so supportive on social media and I have hosted her linky #TWTWC a few times.  I think if her family and mine lived closer, we could have the most awesome play dates with Busby and Baby!  Obviously we would have to have tea and cake too!

….I would tell my darkest secret to is Em from Snowing Indoors.  I have only known Em since BlogCamp back in April, but we got on really well immediately and then we spent the weekend together at BritMums Live.  Since then we have become great friends and hands down this lady is one of my best friends.  Trustworthy, supportive and super talented, what more could you ask for in a friend?!

… I’d like to sit down for coffee and cake with is Debs from Super Busy Mum.  I have never met Debs but we converse on social media and through our blogs.  It  would be great to meet in person, sit down with a large cup of tea/a big slab of cake and get to know her a little better.  Debs has five kids, which I have no idea how she manages, when I struggle with one!  She is such a happy, smiley person and I know we would have such a lovely time.

… I wish I’d discovered earlier is Chloe’s blog Sorry About The Mess.  Although I have heard of this blog, for some reason (lack of time most probably!) I hadn’t popped over for a read until recently.  I really enjoyed this blog; wonderful photo’s, great advice and beautiful design.  This post really struck a cord with me.

… I think should write a book is Kiran from Mummy Says.  Kiran, a former reporter has an obvious way with words .  It was her post to the man in the carpark that brought me to tears.  I think so many of us identified with that post and I believe that evoking empathy is a necessary skill of a successful author.  I would love to read a book penned by this talented writer.

… I’d like to share a bottle of wine with is Hannah from Mums Days.  Having spent a weekend with this lady, let me tell you, there would be no-one better to party with and if that bottle of wine was before a wild night out, then Hannah is your girl.  She is also super funny, which I can tell you from experience is enhanced with a little spot of vino!

… makes me laugh the most is Wally Mummy from Just A Normal Mummy.  Wally Mummy writes post’s that have me crying tears of laughter.  She shares her unfiltered view on parenthood.  If you are of a sensitive disposition then it may not be the blog for you, but I would give it a try anyway as I am sure she could convert you!  There are not many people that can make you laugh out loud with their writing, but this is definitely one for me.

… makes me nod my head in agreement with every post is Katie from MummyDaddyMe.  It is no secret that I love Katie’s blog and actually MummyDaddyMe could be named in many of these categories.  Stunning pictures aside, I think of the main thing I love is that I feel that Katie and I share many of the same thoughts and beliefs about parenthood.  I often feel that her words, are words that I have swimming around my own head.  Katie blogs about her life with Mr E and her two beautiful little girls, if you haven’t visited you really should.

… posts the most perfect photos is Fritha from Tigerlilly Quinn.  O.k so Fritha has THE best model in the gorgeous Wilf, but even so her photo’s have so much soul that I am always captivated.  Her style is edgy and I love the glimpses of her life in Bristol, that she shares through her blog.  I adore this blog and cannot wait to read about her impending wedding to the lovely Tom.  Wilf is going to be the best pageboy ever!

… has word skills that I’m envious of is Ben from Life as a Widower.  I am sure that everyone has heard the heartbreaking story that lead Ben to start his blog and you may have even seen him on TV talking about grief and how to help children through this devastating time.  Ben is a tireless supporter of others who are faced with the death of a spouse and is now a published author.  All of this aside, when I read a blog post of his, everything around me disappears and I am captivated by his words and his ability to make me feel emotions that, to be honest, sometimes I don’t want to feel.  I believe it is a gift to evoke emotion in people through writing.

… I would hand my social media passwords over to in case of emergency is Annie from Manneskjur.  Not least because I have already handed over my blog password to Annie!  Annie (formally of Mammasaurus) is a high profile blogger, who has organised and been involved in amazing things, such a being one of the masterminds behind Team Honk (who raised ooles of cash for Comic Relief).  Despite Annie’s status as one of our most well known bloggers, she is one of the most generous and helpful bloggers that I know.  Whether is it running online blogger support groups, raising money for charity or speaking at blogger conferences, Annie is always looking for ways to support others.  Now writing Manneskjur, an online space for all things creative.

I hope this post has highlighted some blogs that will go on to be your new favourite reads.  If you would like to share your own ‘The blogger who…..’ post, feel free and tag me as I would love to read it.


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