Theme Game #4 - You Baby Me Mummy

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It’s Theme Game time!  The time to be creative and possibly win a little prize too, courtesy of The Reading Residence and Red Peffer’s linky.  This week the theme is ‘Glass’.  I thought I was going to struggle.  To find something I thought was relevant to me, which also fits within the brief, until I came across this quote,

Glass quote

This stuck a cord with me.  Do we all damage our children?  We influence them and shape them into the people they become, but is that the same as damaging them?  As I have blogged about before, I am scared that Baby will grow up with the same body issues that I have.  This is a big issue for me and I have already started to think of how I will talk to her about certain subjects.  I am worried I will say the wrong thing unintentionally and then she will end up like me.

We have such a responsibility as parents to ensure that the imprint we leave on our children is positive.  While I’m sure that this is the intention of most people, what about the mistakes we make?.  How many mistakes can you make before the glass starts to crack?  I hope that I just leave a smudge.

the theme game

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