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I was tagged a couple of weeks ago by my beautiful friend Kat over at Beau Twins to share my ultimate bucket list.  As a busy mama I don’t find much time to day-dream about all the things I wish I could do, but I thought that I really should find the time.

All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them. Walt Disney

How can I pursue them if I don’t know what they are!  We were asked “If money, children, jobs, mortgages, you get the idea, wasn’t an issue. What would be on your ultimate bucket list?”  So here goes;

bucket list

  1. Swim in an infinity pool overlooking a crystal clear ocean.
  2. Do a Gok Wan-style how to look good naked photo shoot.
  3. Swim with Dolphins.
  4. Have afternoon tea at the Ritz.
  5. Go on holiday to New York.
  6. Stay in a tree house.
  7. Open an animal sanctuary.
  8. Be slim and stay slim.
  9. See the Northern Lights.
  10. Take Baby to see Santa in Lapland.
  11. Have our own swimming pool.
  12. For Baby to think of me as her best friend when she grows up.
  13. Go on Safari
  14. Conquer my fear of public speaking
  15. Learn to play the piano
  16. Be fit (physically, not phwoar!)
  17. Run a successful Blogging event
  18. Take part in Strictly Come Dancing
  19. Ride an Elephant
  20. Go on a road trip across America
  21. Stay in The Ice Hotel, Sweden
  22. Live right by the sea
  23. Turn my blog into a keepsake book
  24. Try Zorbing
  25. Take a baking class with Mary Berry
  26. Live in a house with stables
  27. Do something that makes a big difference to a charity
  28. Employ a cleaner
  29. Go to a film premier
  30. Get Baby a pony
  31. Take Baby to Ireland where we went on honeymoon
  32. Be dressed by a proper stylist
  33. Make a difference in the lives of my friends
  34. Be able to provide for Baby her whole life, so she never has to worry about money
  35. Sell a photo that I have taken
  36. Holiday in an amazing all-inclusive resort
  37. Adopt a child
  38. Be happy with myself
  39. Take Baby to Disney Land
  40. Design something really useful
  41. Drive scurry horses
  42. Eat in Heston’s restaurant
  43. Take part in The Cube
  44. Have my hair done by a celebrity hair stylist
  45. Learn how to do professional makeup (on myself)
  46. Be debt free
  47. Raise Baby to be a strong, brave and confident woman
  48. For my blog to go viral!
  49. Find the elusive work life balance
  50. Be happy every day

Now I have to tag a few people, so I tag these lovely ladies;

Hannah – Budding Smiles

Em – Snowing Indoors

Amy – Mr and Mrs T Plus Three

Lizzie – Lizzie Somerset

K – Mum for Fun

Steph – Misplaced Brit

I would love to see what you pick, so please tag me.  Have fun dreaming!

What would be in your ultimate bucket list?  Do you share any ideas with me?


Image: Dominik Schröder
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