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Toddler Room Makeover

I love Baby’s nursery, it is pretty without being too babyish.  I remember the hours spent putting the tree/bird decal on the wall in it’s MANY parts, whilst heavily pregnant.  I used to sit in there, staring at the beautiful things we had bought her, not believing that my our dreams really had come true.  Our nursery was featured here if you fancy a peak.

The only problem with her room is the size, it is really small.  There is no space to play and as she gets bigger, she is going to need more room.

So we have decided to move her into our larger spare room.  When we have guests, we will move her back into her old room and have a sofa bed in her room for guests.  Unfortunately her current room is not large enough for a double bed, which would have made things easier!


Toddler Room Makeover

Toddler Room MakeoverCushions Bed

Toddler Room Makeover

I think we will need some sort of bunting (pretty much a necessity!) and strings of bright fairy lights.  I’m sure I will collect a few more ‘bit’s’ along the way to make it fun and special for her.

Do you have any fun or unique things in your children’s rooms?


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