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We watch A LOT of Disney Junior, Baby LOVES it.  One of our favourite shows is Sheriff Callie’s Wild West.  If you are not familiar with this show, it features a cat as the Sheriff of a small American town, ‘Nice and Friendly Corners’.  She is assisted by a bird, Deputy Peck and they have amongst their friends, a cactus called Toby, as you do.

Nice & Friendly corner

I have started to wish that I lived in Nice and Friendly Corners too.  Here’s why;

  • Well the first reason is obviously because it’s nice and friendly!  People need to be nicer to each other and we could learn a lot from these little guys.
  • They have a saloon that serves milkshakes.  That is all!
  • It is never cold in Nice and Friendly Corners.  I hate being cold, so this would be wonderful.
  • Think I could be really tight with Priscilla Skunk.  I just know we would get on.  She loves make up and pie, what’s not to love?!
  • I might be a little bit in love with Sparky.  I used to ride a lot and I love the idea of a horse with glitter in it’s mane.  Ponies and bling, perfect!
  • The baddies aren’t really that bad.  Take the Corn Bandits, they stole half of Farmer Stinky’s corn.  In the end they were invited to a Corn Picking party as guests of honour!
  • No-one seems to have a bad day.  AT. ALL. EVER!
  • If they need rain they just get Sheriff Callie to lasso a rain cloud.  No droughts or hose pipe bans here, no siree!
  • They love their musical interludes, which I think would be fun.  Just launching into a song and dance number at certain points of the day.  That has to be good for the soul.
  • You can pan up a gold nugget.  Amazing!  I could do with one of those.


Please tell me that I am not alone…. Do you ever wish you could live somewhere fictional?

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