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Baby and I have some exciting news, we are going to be working with Huggies Pull-Ups as their Brand Ambassadors. We will be sharing Baby’s potty training journey with you all, using Huggies Pull-ups. We will have access to advice from the Huggies team of professionals, which include Child Psychologist Emma Kenny and potty training expert Amanda Jenner; so we will be able to share this with you, to help if you are about to embark on the same journey.


Baby is 25 months old and hasn’t started potty training yet. Although she does tell us when she has done something other than a wee in her nappy! She loves her big girls pants, although she wears them on top of her nappy at the moment! As Baby is an only child, we have never been through this process before, meaning it is a little daunting for us too. I am so glad we will have the Huggies team supporting us along the way.


Huggies Pull-Ups are unique as they are the only potty training pants available and are designed to make potty training easier. They have a special new learning liner, which allows toddlers to feel wetness for a few moments, before quickly drawing the moisture away. Teaching them the difference between wet and dry and helping them learn to stay dry on their own. They also have Disney graphics which helps make learning fun and encourages independence.


Baby looks a little confused about the prospect of potty training, but I am sure she will get there!


With the help of Huggies Pull-Ups we look forward to saying ‘goodbye nappies, hello learning pants’

Disclosure: We are Huggies Pull-Ups Brand Ambassadors. All opinions are 100% honest.

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