Wednesday Wishlist #1 - You Baby Me Mummy

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I have been thinking about Valentine’s day and decided to join in with Mummy Alarm’s Wednesday Wishlist.  I love shopping, but I need to be a little more frugal and so online window shopping is perfect!

So having trawled a few websites here is my Wednesday (Valentine’s) Wishlist.

Wed Wish

 1. Boffle Bear £14.99 / 2. Number Picture £26 / 3. Personalised Teapot £60 / 4. Charlie Brown Picture £29.99 / 5. To the moon and back keyring £12.99 / 6. Ice Cream Bowl £29.99 / 7. Amore Tatoo Wine glass £18 / 8. Mixer £429.95

O.k. now I didn’t know an ice cream bowl even existed!  How amazing, no more cold hands, what more can you want!.  Hopefully Mr Hubby will be reading this…..

If you like any of these picks, then you could always leave your browser open strategically and then maybe your other half will take the hint!

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