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I am linking up again with Crazy With Twins Wednesday Words feature.  This feature give’s us license to find a quote, lyric, poem, whatever we fancy that we identify with, or that helps to tell our story..


I found this quote recently and I really associated with it.  So far this week has been challenging to say the least.  After a wonderful weekend the new week dawned and bestowed upon us a poorly Baby.  She had been sick once on Saturday, which we put down to her antibiotics.  Then on Monday she was very sad as we were getting ready in the morning, then promptly threw up everywhere and didn’t seem to be able to stop.  After a call with the Doctor and Baby being sick again (and the dog joining in AT THE SAME TIME!), off we trooped in the rain to the Doctors, only to get a pram flat half way there. Grrrr….

Baby had a high temperature and the Doctor said it was either a reaction to the antibiotics or a gastric bug.   By Monday night she had managed to hold down a cracker and some milk, until she threw up all over Mr Hubby as he was putting her to bed.  Eventually she took some more milk and went to sleep, waking for a bottle at 4am, which also stayed down.

On Tuesday morning I thought we had cracked it, although she didn’t want breakfast (and I made pancakes! How rude! ).  I popped to wash up, only leaving the room for 2 minutes when I heard splashing water sounds.  I found Baby happily slapping her hands on her high chair tray in yet more sick.  The room was covered, it looked like a CSI crime scene.  O.K, I could go on, let’s just say pretty much everything that could go wrong, over the last few days has.  I have run out of kitchen roll, wet wipes and my baby is still being sick.

I started to feel my insides beginning to shake with the anticipation that wouldn’t be able to cope.  Then at Baby’s bedtime, I took her up and had to shout Mr Hubby as I too started to be sick.  I slept on the couch (so not to wake Baby), with very frequent trips to the loo.  So from 6pm last night I had to hand over to Mr Hubby, who is still with us now, as I would not have been capable of looking after Baby.  I am so grateful for my hubby.  This quote really sums up my week so far.  Thinking of it’s words gives me a focus, stops my crazy and makes me remember that I have all I ever wanted and nothing else really matters as long as I have my family.

Now has anyone got any kitchen roll I can borrow?!

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