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I am linking up again with Jocelyn from The Reading Residence.  The idea of #WOTW is to find one word that sums up your week.

The word of my week is

OverwhelmedIn stark contrast to last week when I felt more in control and organised.  This week I have felt like I am sinking under the piles of tasks I need to complete.  I have lots of things to do regarding my blog.  Things are progressing well and I need to ensure I put time into it.  Having recently set up a new business I have a long list of tasks I need to be doing constantly, to get my business noticed, hopefully leading to sales.  My home is suffering and while I will never be (or want to be) a domestic goddess, I desperately need to keep more on top of the house work.  I would like to do more cooking (not a very confident cook) to take the load of Mr Hubby.  As I can’t really cook any attempt needs planning and planning takes time.  There are various ‘motherly’ things on my list, such as sorting out Baby’s photo’s, our photo wall at home and her keepsake box.  I realise these are not immediately important tasks, but they just add to the ‘stuff’ in my head.  Running alongside all this, is a worry that I don’t give enough time to Mr Hubby, as I am always on the laptop (when Baby is in bed).  I need to ensure I give him the attention he deserves.

Anyway, I’m sure by now you get the point, my to do list is massive and it is ever increasing.  It is often 8pm by the time I have Baby free time  (unless I have to go back up to her) and there is never enough time to make much of a dent in ‘The List’.  I find stress like paralysis,  I worry I have so much to do and then trying to focus becomes more difficult.  I hope a couple of all-nighters will make me feel on top of the situation again and perhaps my word for next week will be ‘accomplished’, fingers crossed!


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