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I am linking up again with Jocelyn from The Reading Residence.  The idea of #WOTW is to find one word that sums up your week.

The word of my week is


Baby has always been an active baby, but this week she seems to have gone into turbo.  Quite often when we are at baby groups, the other children are sitting with their mums, reasonably quietly.  Baby on the other hand can often be found crashing herself into all the other children, trying to get their mums to hug her, clap with her or high five her, chewing the floor mats, kissing the floor, testing her lungs, pretty much anything that involves moving something.

At home she is like a magpie for anything she shouldn’t have.  To be honest we still have some baby proofing to do, but she only wants to play with the ‘bad’ things.  She will start off up the room and when I start to chase her, she will glance over her shoulder and speed up towards her prey.  Her favourite thing is un-pluging the broadband (I think to stop me blogging), trying to pet the dogs through the stair gate, trying to get to our fire and trying to grab any cable.  So this week I built a rather unattractive pen, with boxes cutting off the two end of the room she needs to avoid.  It was bliss.  Then when she is penned in, she lies on her back and literally sprints!  I think we are going to have fun when she is walking!.

WOTWMy previous words of the week have been Organised , Overwhelmed and Blessed

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