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Friday means it’s time to link up with Jocelyn from The Reading Residence for Word of the week #WOTW.

This week it has been hard to pick one word.  Until Wednesday afternoon my word was going to be

Play date

We had a lovely first three days to this week, with a play-date with friends every day.  On Monday a few of us went to K’s house and the kids had such fun playing with all T’s toys (and there are a lot!).  Baby decided throwing the DVDs off the shelf was much more fun and got very indignant when I put them back.  Us mums had a cream tea, yum!  Play date

On Tuesday Baby and I went to see one of my oldest friends (in time known, not age!) and Baby played with the older boys.  It was funny to see her a bit quieter than normal.  She hasn’t played with children that much older than her before, so I think was a little apprehensive.  Then on Wednesday a couple of us went to Z’s house for a play-date with D, which was lovely.  However, it was at Z’s that my second word of the week developed.


Baby has had a cough at nights for about 6 weeks now, but with no other symptoms, the Doctor said that we should just leave it.  Boy have things changed now!  At Z’s Baby started getting a very runny nose and was quite grizzly.  Since then it has progressed and on Wednesday night and Thursday all she did was sneeze, cry and cling on to me.  Poor little mite has such a runny nose and bright red watery eyes.  She looks terrible.  She was difficult to put to bed on Wednesday, crying whenever you tried to place her in the cot.  Yesterday I literally couldn’t put her down all day, as she just broke her heart crying.  Then last night she slept for a short while initially and then woke up crying and it took us until 11.15pm to get her back to sleep.  Fingers crossed that she is better soon, as it is so tiring for all of us.

So our week has been divided clean in two.  Hopefully we will have more of the former and less of the latter in weeks to come!.

WOTWMy previous words of the week have been Organised , Overwhelmed,  Blessed,  Active and Cuddles

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