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Many people share the same dream. To make money from their blog and maybe even make enough to be able to give up the day job and work on their blog full-time.  When you are getting started trying to monetize your blog is can be a little overwhelming. Which option is best for you and your blog? Which will pay better? How do you know if an option is worth pursuing or even if it’s a genuine opportunity.


4 ways to monetise even if you're a NEW BLOGGER


There are so many ways in which you could make money from your blog, but I want to recommend the best places to start for new bloggers dipping their toes into monetization. First up;


Affiliate links

There are various ways which you can earn money via affiliate links, but I would recommend seeking those which pay you a percentage based on the purchases driven by your blog (for example, Amazon). So, if someone clicks an affiliate link placed on your site and buys the product you receive a % of that sale. This way is preferable for new bloggers who might not have enough traffic to make pay-per-click affiliate schemes worthwhile. Ideally try to find schemes from brands who make products you love, as including these links will also be more natural.


Sponsored posts

One of the main ways that most bloggers earn an income is via sponsored posts. This is where a brand pay the blogger to write about their goods or services on their blog. The fee depends on the authority of your blog and the size/engagement of your audience. Depending on where you are located you will be able to find blogging networks in your niche, with whom you can register and find out about potential opportunities. You can also watch social media for opportunities and it won’t be long before brands start to contact you, once you have done a few posts for brands.


Sell your own products

Maybe you have the skill to create a physical product, if so you could always sell your products via a shop on your blog. Otherwise you can always create a shop filled with products that are drop-shipped to the customer or your own digital products created around the themes on your blog.


Social media promotion

Just like with sponsored posts, some brands will pay bloggers to promote their offers on the bloggers social media accounts. So you might highlight the brand on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for an agreed fee.


There you have 4 great ways to begin your monetization journey. Developing these routes will give you a great foundation to your blog income and help you move towards turning your blog into your business.


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