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9 inspiring podcasts for creative entrepreneurs


Over the last year or so I’ve become totally hooked on listening to podcasts. I listen in the shower, when making breakfast, when editing photos, driving, literally anytime I don’t need my brain for the task; I’m listening. Podcasts can be such an inspirational medium and so I thought I would share with you my top 9 inspiring podcasts for creative entrepreneurs. I hope you get to love them as much as I do.



9 Inspiring Podcasts For Creative Entrepreneurs


1. The Femtrepreneur Show


Mariah Coz and Megan Mimms from Femtrepreneur host one of my favourite podcasts. I have a huge fan-girl situation with Mariah, she’s super inspiring and her personal story resonates so much with me. They have a great chemistry and always cover super useful content too.


A couple of Podcast picks for you:



2. The Smart Passive Income Podcast


The Smart Passive Income Podcast by Pat Flynn is so good. Via Smart Passive Income Pat earns a significant amount of passive income each month (6-figure months) and helps his listeners do the same. He doesn’t only focus on passive income, but covers all aspects of entrepreneurship. Pat comes across as such a nice guy, which makes listening a pleasure.


A couple of Podcast picks for you:


How to build relationships with influencers

Stories of failures that turned into successes 


3. Online Marketing Made Easy


Amy Porterfield is probably most well-known for her Facebook training. Having previously worked with Tony Robbins, she is now a hugely successful entrepreneur in her own right and her podcast is always a great one to listen too.


A couple of Podcast picks for you:


How to ask better questions and get better answers

Bold moves to shake up your business


4. Heart, Soul & Hustle


Zach Spuckler is most well known for his Facebook ads expertise and for popularising 5 day challenges. Zach’s so lovely and shares really practical and useful advice. He has super cute dogs too!


A couple of Podcast picks for you:


7 strategies I used to scale my business

Creating epic offers and challenges


5. Mind Your Business


In my dreams my mentor is James Wedmore. James is most well-known for his video prowess; having built a 7 figure business mainly from YouTube. I love this podcast, which he co-hosts with Phoebe. They cover a lot of mindset stuff and I can’t download a new episode quick enough.


A couple of Podcast picks for you:


The Power of your story

How to overcome overwhelm


6. The School of Greatness


Lewis Howes hosts The School of Greatness podcast. Lewis was a pro athlete, who found himself living on his sisters couch when he was injured. After a couple of years, he found his purpose and now runs a 7 figure internet business. Lewis interviews some great guests too.


A couple of Podcast picks for you:


The 5 second rule which will change your life

How to build a massive social following


7. ProBlogger Podcast


I love Darren Rowse! He’s such a cool guy and has such a huge amount of knowledge. This podcast is more focused on blogging and less on the other aspects of being an entrepreneur. So much useful info here.


A couple of Podcast picks for you:


How to launch a podcast

7 strategies for overcoming imposter syndrome


8. The Grit ‘n’Hustle Show


Todd Herman is a world famous leadership and mindset quote. Creator of the 90 day year and so many other huge impactful systems. Todd interviews great guests and share so much value via his podcast.


A couple of Podcast picks for you:


Lewis Howes

Jadah Sellner


9. Marketing School 


Neil Patel is one of the most famous marketers in the world. Having built multiple 7 figure business, such a Crazy egg and Kissmetrics. He consults for lots of major international brands and shares his wisdom in the Marketing School podcast.


A couple of Podcast picks for you:




The GaryVee Audio Experience


I’m not sure I need to introduce the force that is Gary Vaynerchuck. He is totally amazing and is a leading online entrepreneur and motivational speaker (definitely not your traditional motivational speaker!).


A couple of Podcast picks for you (may contain swearing!):



Do you love podcasts? Are there any new ones here that you’ll be checking out?


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