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9 surprising ways to say no in business and still be successful


Do you find it difficult to say no in business?  Do you need to learn the power of a positive no? The journey you go on in order to  learn to say no can be fraught with worry, commonly the worry that if you do turn down work, you’ll lose the possibility of future work with that brand or PR.


It doesn’t have to be this way and actually it can be quite empowering for you and good for your business.



1. Establish your own rules then stick to them

Make your rules and stick to them. If you bend your rules and go back on your word, it makes for confusion and potential future issues.


2. Take time to check your calendar

Even if you know straight away you can’t do what you’re being asked to. Take time to check your diary, not giving an immediate no can soften the blow and show you have considered the proposition.


3. If you’re undecided discuss pros and cons with a friend

Take the time to think an opportunity through and make sure you are making the right decision to accept or decline.


4. Trust your instincts

Your initial reaction is often the right reaction for you, so trust this and go with it.


5. Offer something else instead

It might be possible to offer something else which works for you, but isn’t what is being proposed. For example, as a blogger you might be asked to attend an event and you either don’t want to or can’t attend. You may then choose to offer some social media coverage instead to keep on track with the P R company/brand. You could also recommend a friend instead.


6. Explain why you’re saying no.

It will soften the blow to explain why. It makes you seem more personable and less detached. Blogging and business is all about relationships and so this is super important.


7.  Use the Sandwich Technique

This is a trusted psychological technique that has been used for years. Sandwich your negative comment in between two positive ones to soften the blow.


8. Say yes to the person, but no to the task.

This can go such a long way. You can explain how you would love to work with them, but your constraints (financial or time) won’t allow the collaboration at this time.


9. Let them know you wish you could work with them.

Thank them for thinking of you for the opportunity and that you would love to be involved, but present circumstances mean that you cannot be involved. However, it would be great to work with them in the future.


Saying no can be really powerful for the growth of your blog (and to keep your sanity in tact!). Taking on projects that you don’t want to be involved in, doesn’t benefit you or the client. It is better to be true to yourself and move on from projects that don’t light your fire.

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