5 important reasons why you should hire a virtual assistant


I’d like to introduce you to Sally. Sally started her blog to preserve her young families memories. Over the last few years her blog has grown and she now earns a regular income from what still is her passion. Sally loves her blog, but she has concerns over the future of this blog she adores so much. Sally’s concerns stem from the fact that Sally is knackered. For the last few years Sally has been all things to all people and while she can just about stay afloat, she knows it isn’t a sustainable way of life.


5 Important Reasons Why You Should Hire A Virtual Assistant


Why should Sally hire a virtual assistant?


1. Sally’s passions and dreams are being stilted


Sally does ALL the work around her blog. Sally writes every word, takes every picture, edits every post, schedules every piece of content. Sally responds to every comment, even ‘great post’ and she tries to be EVERYWHERE, ALL the time, ALL on her own. Mainly because she thinks she has to and she lacks clarity in her goals. Most importantly, she thinks she has no choice.


Sally used to love reading books, she would have considered it a passion. However, since she started her blog Sally has barely read one book cover to cover. In life before blog, she had been known to read a book in a day. Sally misses reading for the sake of reading.


Sally dreams of creating a product line as an off-shoot to her blog and is saddened by the realisation that she will probably never find the time to do this either.


2. Sally never looks after Sally


Sally is constantly glued to her phone, never feeling like she has disconnected from the nuts and bolts of her blog business. Yet often at the end of the day, she feels unproductive. She doesn’t seem to have time for those leisurely baths she used to enjoy so much. Rather now she jumps in the shower, so she can get to her laptop those precious few minutes earlier to make a start on that list. She fondly remembers the time when a holiday was just that and it didn’t matter if there was a poor internet connection, hell, even none at all!


3. Sally’s business is running her (not the other way round)


Sally is spending too much time working in her business, rather than on her business. She dreamed of a life which was far removed from the one she is living now. A life with more freedom and less grind. She wonders where she went wrong. Sally works every night and her thoughts are consumed by her ever-growing to do list.


4. Sally never drops the ball, yet Sally has started to recently


Sally prides herself on her ability to nail the details. To be able to keep all the balls in the air, without missing a beat. Yet recently, if she’s honest, she’s missed a few beats, which has both worried and alarmed Sally. Was she losing her touch?


Shall I tell you a secret? I’m actually Sally. Are you a little bit Sally too….?


Trying to do everything yourself within your business will and does take it’s toll. A toll on your blog/business, but also on you as a person. As we all know there are only so many hours in the day and with the many facets of blogging, it can often be impossible to fit everything in AND then find even more time to actually grow our businesses.


We often think we can’t afford help, which leaves us doing the basic grind. Resulting in us having zero available time to develop our businesses, to be creative and to enjoy ourselves. As quite simply, we’re too exhausted to go beyond what we’re doing to keep things ticking over.


Outsourcing even small tasks can make a huge difference. Even if you aren’t ready to jump in feet first with a ‘virtual assistant’, using a site such a Fiverr or Upwork can hook you up with professionals who will do a huge range of tasks for such reasonable rates.


Think of the tasks you ‘like less’ in your blog, not doing them would give you so much more time to do things in your blog that will make a much bigger difference. Things that will push your blog forward and allow you the scope to explore new avenues, without running yourself into the ground. You could even post in one of the many Facebook groups, that you need X job doing for X Monday by X and I’m sure you will find someone to do it for you.


It is important to think about the value of your time, when you are trying to decide whether you can afford to outsource. So the moral of this story is don’t be like Sally, be smart and find people to help you grow your blog into what you hope it will become.

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