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Instagram and I have a rocky relationship.  I can happily spend hours just scrolling through all the pretty squares that give a glimpse into the lives of, mainly, strangers.  I love that you can feel such a lot much from a photo, if it speaks to you.  So much power in one little square.

Our relationship is rocky as I have struggled (still do!) with what I want my pictures to say to people, when the arrive at my feed.  I initially used Instagram as a photo diary. I wanted to show life as it happens and I was happy to snap away, upload images, without much thought.  I didn’t like the thought of an image being ‘set up’ for Instagram, it seemed fake.

Then I started to think about all the things I like about other feeds and what might put me off following someone.  I also had the pleasure of listening to two fab bloggers talk about Instagram, Annie and Annie, both talks gave me even more food for thought.  I like it when the pictures fit together, when they are telling a similar story, when there is some continuity in the feeling of the images.

This was not the case with my feed.  I would post pictures that probably should be on Facebook or Twitter, not interrupting my Instragram feed.  I wanted it to be real and spontaneous, but I was not giving myself a chance to shine.  I didn’t want my feed to be too contrived, but Lucy told me, I should think of my feed as curated not contrived.

So I have changed my ways and I am now being more careful and considered with the pictures I post. These pictures will also not be pictures that I will post on another social media platform (thanks Lucy for that one!).

I wanted to share with you some of the feeds that I love and feel inspired by; I hope you love them too.  I could have picked hundreds, but I stopped myself at ten.


I love Annie’s photos, they have such a magical quality.  I am so surprised her following isn’t masses more than it is.


beatrice and finch

Another magical feed with real soul in every picture.  I immediately feel as if I know the story she is telling when I glimpse at each shot.


childhood unplugged

This is a collective feed that repost images tagged with #childhoodunplugged.  I love scrolling through these wonderful images and discovering more fantastic feeds to follow.



I love the warmth that pours from each of Laurie’s images.  Real special family moments, which always make me happy.



Kristen undeniably takes great pictures, but it is the accompanying caption that is so wonderful with this feed.  Each image is like a short story, written with so much love and her words never fail to make me think.



Stunning, sometimes theatrical images that really fire my imagination.



Amanda’s photos are just as she hopes in her bio, photos with meaning.  I also think the light she captures is incredible.  Again I am shocked her follower numbers aren’t so much higher.



Meg’s feed is just beautiful, meaningful, warm and full of love.



The most followed feed I have shared with you today, but a million people can’t be wrong, huh!  Amber’s feed is so pretty and I have serious hair envy. Her little boy Atticus is adorable and I was see why she is a power player on IG.



This feed has so much feeling, oozing out of each picture, all of which feel natural and unstaged.


So there are ten feeds that I love.  Do you love Instagram?  Do you have any favourite accounts to follow?  Leave their names in the comments so we can all have a look and a cheeky follow.


10 instagram feeds I love

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