Baby's new loves

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Last weekend Baby did two things for the second time ever and cemented her love for both, Trampolines and Ponies!

Apart from being bounced by Mummy, Baby’s first trampoline experience was at my friend Em’s house with her fab kiddies.  To be honest Baby wasn’t upright much, until Annie held her up and bounced with her, but I could tell she loved every second.  I blogged about our day, but have since found some more pictures that Em took and I wanted to share them.






Last Saturday we went to a local children’s farm, which had an impressive collection of ground level trampolines.  There was a little boy on the one we picked and so Baby just hovered near the edge holding my hand.  As soon as the little boy got off, she legged it!  Straight across the trampoline in a kind of faulty towers meets trotting pony run.  We were in stitches, it was hilarious!  I am only sorry I couldn’t get my phone out quick enough.  Then she stood, smiled and launched herself flat on her back.  I did manage to get this little bit of footage.  I can’t watch it without crying laughing!

Regular readers may know that I used to ride a lot and I hope Baby will want to as she grows up.  At 9 months old she rode a donkey at the Christmas market without a hint of fear and a few weeks ago rode her first ‘proper’ pony.  At the weekend she got the opportunity to ride another pony, which she absolutely adored!  She is so brave and seems to love ponies.  She wouldn’t put her drink down though, I think she has heard that athletes need to keep hydrated!

Baby pony ride

The only problem is now I think we will have to get her a trampoline and a pony!


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