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Our daughter has an obsession; something she does all the time, wherever she is.  Sometimes it can be a little awkward; sometimes it can be funny.  Whether we are just at home, or out for the day, it will always be the same.

You se,e our daughter is a kleptomaniac…


I rarely see her without something in her hands.  She LOVES carrying things, anything as long as her hands are full she is happy.  On a recent trip to a wildlife park she spent so long stealing collecting stones and trying to carry them around with her.  Whether is it stones, a ball on a string, a hula hoop or LOTS of crayons, she is at her happiest when something is in her hands.

I have to keep my eye on her as she has been known to sling a stranger’s handbag over her shoulder and wander off with it.  Car keys in handbags are another temptation quite often difficult to resist.  She ends up with arm loads of ‘things’ at times, when her little hands are just not man enough for the job.

I love our crazy little klepto and all her strange little foibles.


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