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Since starting my blog over three years ago, I have developed a love of photography. I progressed from a Bridge camera to a DSLR and I started to take pictures every day. Always trying to develop my skill and the quality of my pictures.


The need for photos and videos also comes with the job. We have lots of products to capture and experiences to share, so photos are so important to us. We also record a lot of videos, for our family and those needed for the blog.  I also love vlogging, so this is an important consideration for me when thinking about the equipment I need.


I had a couple of camera in my arsenal when I attended the Panasonic photography masterclass back in September, to showcase  the LUMIX GX80. However, cameras are like handbags, lipsticks and shoes….. you can never have enough.


Why the Luxix GX80 is an awesome blogger’s camera?


To be useful to bloggers a camera needs to serve a few functions. Most of us record videos and take photos, plus having kids in tow and usually loads of bags, means that sometimes a big DSLR is just another thing to lug round.


In an ideal world we need high performance in a small package, not always possible, until the Lumix G80 that is.



What makes it great?


Compact size

The GX80 is small and compact, about half the size of my DSLR. Despite being small it still feels substantial, not at all flimsy.  It comes with a great lens and unlink most other compact cameras, you can buy additional lenses for it too. Giving you so much flexibility.





Shooting in 4K 

This feature is my favourite and means that it is pretty much impossible to not get a good picture. When you change to 4k, you simply hold down the shutter to start filming (recording stops when you take your finger off the shutter). You can then move through the video frame by frame saving any you wish as images in their own right. Still keeping the video too! This lets you find the exact moment everything was perfect in your shot and grab that image.



Post Focus


This is such a super cool feature. The ability to take a picture, then go back in and select the point of focus. AFTER you took the picture!


Focus options


You can focus by touching the LCD screen. The autofocus is really reactive and works well.


Tiltable viewing screen


The viewing screen does not flip up, which would be useful for vlogging. However, it does pull out slightly and tilt. This is a great feature as it means you can have the camera below eye line with the screen tilted so you are able to see what you are filming, but also stay in the moment too and not have a camera between you and your subject. Another huge plus when videoing kids.


Panasonic Lumix GX80


Fabulous additional free app


I would have said the only drawback to the GX80 is that with no completely flippable screen, vlogging would be a little trickier (it is helpful to know you are in shot and in focus). However, there is a Panasonic app (Panasonic Image App) which solves this potential issue straight away. This is free to download and connects to your camera via bluetooth. Then you can control your GX80 from your mobile! Genius! You can also access all of the images on the camera on your phone, making sharing on social media instant. You can remotely take pictures – clicking on your phone to trigger the camera shutter and you can also see what the  camera is capturing on video (as well as starting and stopping a video recording). So for vlogging, just set up your camera, get into position, launch the app and use it to make sure you are in frame and then start your camera recording FROM YOUR PHONE! Can you tell I love this feature?!


Silent Shutter 


Another fabulous feature, which is brilliant for parents who are trying to get relaxed, natural picture of their children. This does what it says on the tin, silent shutter, so there are no tell tale warning noises to alert them.


Panasonic Lumix GX80


Panasonic Lumix GX80


USB charging


Another stroke of genius is that the GX80 can be charged via a USB. So you can charge it from your laptop, car socket or directly from mains power. So useful if you are out and about.


Intuitive viewing


The GX80 is psychic and knows when you are looking through the view finder or the LCD back screen, showing you the view on each. It senses your eye at the view finder and switches to enable you to see.


The best of both worlds


The GX80 is really easy to use and most of the main functions can be accessed directly via a button on the back of the camera. I love the size and that it means I don’t have to use a DSLR with me all of the time.


Any negatives of the Panasonic Lumix GX80?


Until I fully discovered the app, I would have said the lack of a flip screen. However, using the app eliminates this issue. There’s no external MIC input, so you cannot use an external Mic to improve sound. That said the sound quality is fab and I haven’t felt the need for this yet.




The Panasonic Lumix GX80 is such a wonderful camera for bloggers and families for so many reasons. It gives you the same quality images as you would get from a DSLR, with the 4K video function too. This camera is a one stop shop, there would be no need for a DSLR and a separate camera to vlog with. It  also means no more days out with two cameras slung round my neck, with no compromise to image quality.


I would (and have) recommend the Lumix GX80 to anyone who is looking for the best of both worlds.


Disclosure: I was given a Panasonic Lumix GX80 in return for sharing my honest views.


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