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Last Wednesday Baby turned three and she had a wonderful week of celebrations.  I have shared a little bit about her Frozen themed party goodies, but I wanted to share more about the things she got up to to mark her birthday, as it was such a lovely week.  The day after her birthday we travelled to Bristol Zoo to meet up with Amy and her daughter Rose.


I have spoken before about how blogging has brought the most wonderful friends into my life and about how that is the real gift of blogging. Amy is such a wonderful person, I literally would run out of adjectives trying to describe her to you. A beautiful and super talented lady with an empathy and kindness to match. Quite a unique combination. I am truly blessed that she found my blog and that we then found each other. I am so honoured to be able to call her my best friend.


Baby and I were so excited to get to spend time with her and Rose.  The girls met for the first time last summer and hit it off straight away, while they rode ponies and sat in water buckets; they are both as bonkers as each other.


I will warn you now, this post is VERY pic heavy….




Baby and I were first to arrive after an almost false start when I realised Mr Hubby had taken my cash card to work with him! Cue some stress before I found one card which I knew had some money in it.





I bought Baby this crown for her birthday, she loves it; although if I am honest it is probably more of a present for me than her! Just imagine the photoshoot fun we will have.


It wasn’t long before Amy and Rose arrived and we noticed the girls were twinning! We couldn’t have planned it better.




It was straight into having fun for the girls, I love that kids can be apart for months, yet act like they had met up just the other day.  Although Amy and I are pretty much the same as the girls (but we do speak every day).  Our first stop was the carousel, they LOVED it!





They literally didn’t stop. Baby is usually on reins, but I hadn’t taken them with us so she was cray cray! (well more than normal!).




I love being out for the day with another blogger, as it is only bloggers who understand our constant need to take pictures and video things.  It was great to be with Amy and chat about photography too, as we are both so passionate about it.





Although Bristol is not too far, I wish we lived closer as it would be so lovely to be able to spend more ‘proper’ time with each other (as opposed to relying on constant Facebook messages) and for the girls to be able to do the same.




These girls are just so cheeky and play off each other making mischief.





I think we could have just put them in a big field and they would have been just as happy, but Bristol Zoo is a very pretty Zoo with lots to do.  As we visited during the Easter break there were additional kids activities, such as balloon making and face painting.




Baby was so funny, as she sat down against this tree and Amy wanted Rose to sit down in a mirror image position to Baby (for a symmetrical picture). Rose wanted to sit down near her friend and when Amy asked again, Baby got up and moved away from Rose putting herself exactly where Amy wanted Rose to be. By which point Rose had moved, but Baby did her best to set up the shot for Amy – so funny!  So young, but already the ultimate blogging child!




After a wander around, it was time to find the face painters (Baby’s current obsession), the girls made paper plate bunny faces while they waited for their turn.




After being still for all of five minutes each, it was time to blow off more steam!




I love Rose’s little Dinosaur face!  She did the most amazing dino impressions too.  She is such a funny, vibrant little girl.






I am so lucky to have all these ladies in my life.  Although Baby has only met Amy twice before, she loves her and calls her Aunty Amy.






You wouldn’t believe by the look on her face, that she actually chose to be a bat and asked me to take a picture!





With an exhausted child and a longish drive home, we decided there was just enough time for some running round the tree craziness, before we set off home.




Amy treated us all to a Mr Whippy on the way back to the cars and in true small child fashion, Baby tripped and splatted hers all over the floor.  I gave up mine to save her tears, a mother’s duty I think you will agree.




Thank you girls for the most wonderful day.


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