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I recently recommended Lightroom to a few people, who were looking to improve the look of their photos and also make the editing process quicker. I used to spend hours editing and now with Lightroom it’s such a quick job.  Seriously, such a timesaver.


I did a quickish walk through on Facebook live, which I will embed below. However, I thought it might be useful to share it here and expand things a little more.



Importing pictures into Lightroom


You can import straight from your SD card, desktop, downloads etc. Simply go to File – Import Photos and Video.  Then select the source and highlight the images you want to import.



Create a collection


To help you stay organised, at this point you should create a collection for the images you have just imported. Highlight images – Click + – Create Collection – name it and there you go. The view will then change and you will only be seeing images within that collection. (To get all your images back into view, go to the drop downs above the stripe of images and change it to All images). To get all the images in view press G (grid), then to preview an image click on it and press the spacebar.





Now to edit your images click on Develop (top right), this will shift you from Library to Develop mode. On the left hand side (see image below) you will see all the Presets (filters) that come with Lightroom.


You can add to this collection with presets you have purchased or got for free. I signed up to PresetPro and I get emailed one new free preset each week. To add it, just double click the zipped file. Then double click the unpackaged file, this will launch Lightroom and you will get the message – Do you want to add the preset. Just click yes and it will appear under the user preset section of the list.



Making your own presets


Click through the presets you have and see what effect you like best. Then you can make adjustments using the sliders on the right hand side. Just play around with them so you can see what effect they have on the image.  The ones I use most are Exposure, Sharpening, Noise Reduction, Post-Crop Vignetting. Then white, black, shadows etc.


Then, if you think you would like to save this preset as it is with your adjustments. Go to Develop – New Preset – give it a name – create. This will then appear in User Presets.



Applying the effects on one edited image to multiple images


Click the image that you wish to replicate (effects wise), then hold shift and click the next image and then the last image you want the effect to be added to. When they are all highlighted, click Sync (bottom right). In turn they will all adjust and just like that they will all have the same preset.



Exporting and resizing at the same time


You can save even more time by setting up an export preset (or rule). This means that you can decide the size you want all your images to be exported as and in a couple of clicks they will be resized and exported. Ending up in a file on your computer.


Select Export.



Then in the first box, select the folder you want the pictures to be exported to. Go to Image Sizing and change this. All of my pictures are 1000 px wide (it doesn’t matter the depth, this will automatically adjust).



You can adjust the Output Sharpening, sharpen for screen and mine are 240 dpi. Then click add, bottom left and name the export preset. Then click export and all of your pictures will end up in a file on your computer all edited and resized.




So there you have it, a quick introduction the the basics of Lightroom


[vc_video title=”Lightroom walk through” link=””]


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