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Yesterday our play date cancelled as Baby’s little friend was not very well after her injections.  It was such a lovely sunny day that Baby and I decided to head out anyway and make the most of the lovely weather.  I quickly threw together a picnic for us (as I have been spending way too much recently in Cafe’s).  Armed with our goodies and Baby’s sun hat we set off to our local nature walk.  My plan was that Baby would fall asleep on the way and then have a little nap.  I would work for a bit in the car until she woke up.  However, it was so busy that she was woken by the other kids shouting after only a twenty minute nap.  So we set off!  We stopped in at the picnic area first and munched our lunch.  Baby is always so intrigued by other people, that she will stare for hours if I let her.





Then we decided to work off our lunch with a walk round the beautiful lake.  Although it was busy, most people were in the larger of the two playgrounds and so the lake walk was still quite tranquil.  There is something about water that has such a calming effect on me.  We stopped for a while to look at the ducks.








We popped into the playground so that Baby could have a go on the swing (her favourite thing in the whole entire world).  She loves swinging so much that we do have a little cry when it is time to stop (Baby not me!).  She had a little go on the rocking horse and on the slide (which she is never too sure of).  There was a lady sitting on the wooden surround of the slide and she crawled over to give her a hug.  Bless her she loves everyone.




18So it wasn’t a posh day out, more of a jaunt on a whim, but we both had a lovely time.  I love spending all my days with our daughter, she is such brilliant company.



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