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Baby is developing rapidly.  She is almost one and she seems to be learning new things on a daily basis.  For me this means I have to try to commit to memory how she is each day, as the next day may be different.  One of the things I love most about Baby is her pure joy.  She shows it on various occasions, quite often when she understands what you want her to do and she can do it.  Then the biggest smile spreads across her beautiful face.  It is a genuine smile from her heart.


Recently a friend taught her baby to make various sounds, it is super cute.  So I thought I would try with Baby.  Baby was so thrilled when she learned to clap, so I knew she would like doing this.  So following my friends lead, I asked Baby what the snake says and made a hissing sound.  Baby followed suit and now she makes the hissing sound (with a big smile) every time I ask her.


She also makes the craziest faces.  She is so expressive, may be she is destined for the stage!

Crazy face

I want to remember her joy at these simple things.  How she seems to captivate and spread this joy wherever she goes.  She thinks nothing of talking to anyone regardless of whether we are in the Doctors, a cafe, anywhere really.  She will turn round, smile and people always end up talking to her.

My little ray of sunshine.


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