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  “The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time”  Lewis Carroll (Alice In Wonderland)

We decided to take part in the ‘BritMums Barny’s Winter Little Adventure Challenge’, as we love to get out in the fresh air and enjoy our family time.  For the last couple of weekends the weather has been against us, but this weekend we needed to escape into the countryside for a little adventure.  We just hoped we wouldn’t get blown away.

We were sent two packs of Barny bars and around the same time a new little friend turned up at our house – it was Barny!

Barny bars

He made such good friends with Baby that he had to come with us.  Off we went to a local National Trust House and Gardens, The Vyne, which was recommended to us by a lovely Twitter friend.  Barny insisted on navigating, until he got distracted by his reflection…

Barny NavigatingLuckily for us The Vyne is not too far from us, so we didn’t have to waste lots of time travelling.  It’s funny how you can live somewhere for years and not be aware of places.  I think we will start investigating more, as our local area is so beautiful and we are bound to uncover some gems.  Anyway back to our adventure!

Barny rode in the pram with Baby as it was very chilly.  The river was running very fast and it looked fit to burst, but we were lucky that all the tracks were dry and pram friendly.  Barny couldn’t resist photo bombing!

Barny pictures

There were some beautiful carved animals along the walk.  Barny investigated the butterfly and swan,  I think he made some new friends.  The craftsmanship was amazing, although I admit to being a bit spritely past the giant spider! Yikes!

Barny with carvings

After a bit of a windy stroll in the beautiful gardens, it was lunchtime so we set off in search of the cafe.  I am a sucker for cafe’s and restaurants that look beautiful from the outside.  I have been known to make Mr Hubby walk round for ages trying to find somewhere pretty to go for lunch.  I was so happy when we found the cafe at The Vyne, it looked like a lovely cottage from the outside and inside a lovely brick barn with a great ceiling treatment.  After a yummy lunch of soup and tea, plus a bit more bonding for Baby and Barny, we set off again.  Barny had some excess energy to burn off!

In the Cafe

We found the Hidden Realm play area (inspired by Tolkien).  This play area was built by the Green Play Project, who specialise in uniquely inspiring play areas, designed to promote creative and interactive play.  It was lovely, I really wanted to be 5 again so I could run round and play without a care.  Baby was a little young to get the full benefit, but Barny kept running off and getting into mischief!  After chasing round after Barny, Baby needed a snack and so we opened the Barny bars.  She has never eaten anything like this before and her little eyes lit up, she will probably be demanding them every day now!

Barny chasing

We had a super day at The Vyne and we will definitely go back again.  We were lucky with the weather and it was so nice to be outside, breathing in the fresh air and having fun with the family.

This post is an entry for BritMums ‘Winter Little Adventures Challenge’ sponsored by Barny, individually wrapped bear-shaped sponges with a hidden filling.  Find out more about Barny here

barby barsWe were sent complimentary Barny bars in order to take part in this competition.

I am also linking up with Fiona for Country Kids from Coombe Mill

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