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Baby is almost 18 months old and one of the best things for me about this age, is her emerging personality.  It seems every day, she has an increasing ability to carry out tasks.  The first time I asked her to do something and she did it, it was a real shock!  After months of having a totally dependent baby, it takes some adjusting when this baby turns into a little person.

I think the first thing she did, was simply to put an object in a certain place when asked.  I felt a strange sense of pride.  As the weeks have gone on, we have got into a little groove of Baby being Mummy’s little helper.  If I am wiping something up with kitchen roll, she will take a piece and help me.  Occasionally she will wet wipe my face, while I am trying to do hers, and she loves brushing my hair.

Every morning I carry her downstairs and she helps me by carrying her milk bag.  Once downstairs, my first job is to move the dog beds out of the living room, where Baby and I spend most of the day.  Baby watched me doing this for a while and now helps me every day.  Bless her, one of the beds is bigger than she is!  She drags them across the living room and tries to throw them into the kitchen.

MummysLittleHelper  Please excuse the slight blurs, she works very quickly!

She also helps by insisting that she carry’s one of our bags, when we are out for the day.  The only issue can be getting the bag back off her!  Very helpful nevertheless.


As with so many parenting experiences, it is very bittersweet.  It is so lovely that she is learning and gaining the ability to interact more, but sad that she isn’t our little baby anymore.  Our baby days as a family are over, something which we won’t experience again.

Despite this, I love that every day we are building our relationship and I adore how proud she look when she achieves even the smallest of tasks.


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