Baby loves reading

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Anyone who knows our daughter, or even meets her for a short time, will know she never stops.  At all.  Ever.  She is constantly on the go, moving, chattering, ‘doing’ something.  Even when she is in her high chair eating, she will be jiggling around, dancing to music/TV, anything rather than just ‘be’.

I understand that this is the nature of childhood.  I actually love her endless energy and desire to be active, but it is exhausting!

There is one way to stop the hurricane, that is our daughter and that is to read to her.  She adores books, which is something I am very pleased about.  I am glad she will know the feeling of being lost in a story, of using her imagination to give colour and life to the books she reads.  I love reading and have spent weeks of my life doing just that over the years.  I love the excitement that I feel, when one of my favourite authors publishes a new book; that there is another story for me to unfold.

Sometimes during our day, things will go quiet and I will pop my head round the door, to see her sat in a pile of books reading to herself.  She looks so happy, it is amazing for me to see her like this, so content.  A few times a day Baby will bring over to me, the book she wants me to read to her.  She passes it to me and says ‘yes’ (this means read it mummy, or else!).  She will happily have the same story read to her three times over.  I ask her to go and get a new book and she will toddle off, pick another and the cycle starts again.  I love this time, when she is lying on my front, with her head just under mine, totally engrossed in her story.  The feeling of her soft hair on my face, as we read stories that I am sure we both know off by heart.

Baby Reading

I love listening to Mr Hubby reading to Baby too.  She plonks herself down on him and they go through the same ritual.  There is something so special about seeing your baby with their daddy.


Our reading time is very special, a time of connection and not least a break from the craziness!  Long may it continue.


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