Our Week That Was Captured #21 - You Baby Me Mummy

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This week has been quite a busy week for us and largely lovely and sunny, at least at the beginning of the week!

Baby’s Week

The Week That was captured

My Week

The Week that was captured

  1. Sunday – We went to an awesome car boot sale.  Strolled round in the sun, eating ice cream and got some mega bargains.  We all went for a dirty fry up at the pub, then Baby’s Aunty and I wandered round town, while Baby had a nap (Mr Hubby went to the supermarket, we avoided it!).  Aunty J then had to drive back to Wales, we really hate it when she has to go home.
  2. Monday – Baby and I went to visit our friends K and TB, who have been on holiday.  It was so lovely to see them and the girls enjoyed playing in the garden in the sun.  Baby and I then did a little bit of shopping (I got a lovely Cath Kidston bag with some of my birthday money) and then we had a picnic in the park and a play on the swings.
  3. Tuesday –  Time for swimming again.  I was so excited after Baby’s trip to the beach and again she improved exponentially.  Sitting on the side splashing her feet, chatting laughing and then joined in with almost all the activities, with only a couple of seconds of crying.  Our new flooring arrived and wasn’t broken this time.
  4. Wednesday – We had to do a supermarket run.  I didn’t have a pound for the trolley, went in to get change and the cashier just gave me a pound and said to bring it back, when I had finished.  Fabulous customer service Aldi!.  Then in the afternoon we went to see our friends Aunty L and K for a play date and catch up.
  5. Thursday – We stayed in to wait for a delivery, so it was a bit of a boring day.  However, we received a fab goody box from MSC Cruises, with a lovely Junior J outfit in it!  Lucky Baby!
  6. Friday – We bought a new stroller, a Maxi Cosi Mura, which I love (great price 2nd hand).  This will be our 4th stroller, so hopefully we will like this one long term!  We went to the supermarket just for Coke for Daddy and came out with quite a lot….  Baby had a nap and so we sat in the car in the rain, before going for lunch.  When we got home we started on Daddy’s Father’s Day present.  Which I had to hide, when he came home early!  I was so cold in the evening that I sat under a blanket like an old person! Rock ‘n’ Roll!
  7. Saturday – Baby decided she would try an unorthodox drinking position.  We all went into town for a wander round the shops.  I love TK Maxx for things for the house, as you often get great bargains for items that are a bit more individual.  We picked up an amazing new dog bed for £8, a couple of fab shelves for the kitchen and a lovely big picture frame.  We spent quite some time in Homebase trying to decide on paint colours.  We did get our living room wall paper though, which is an amazing result, as we have spent hours scouring the internet with no luck.

So that’s our week captured.  How has your week been?  Good I hope?

As always I am linking up with the fabulous Hannah from Make Do & Push #TWTWC

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