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This week has been quite a good week.  We have been to the Zoo, to London, to our friend’s houses, plus lots of other bits and my blog turned one!

Here is our week in pictures!

Our Week


  1. Sunday – Mr Hubby took Baby to the supermarket (and for a sleep in the car!), so I had two hours to myself!  Two hours of uninterrupted blogging bliss!  The afternoon was spent pottering at home and taking Baby, on her bike, to the local park.  Picking up conkers on the way to put in the house (they are meant to make spiders avoid your house).  Baby had a lovely time in the playground and had her first solo trip down the slide!
  2. Monday – I woke up a little uninspired and with no plans, so decided to to go Marwell Zoo (as we have annual passes).  We had fun looking at the giraffe’s and penguins.  We stopped so Baby could attempt to eat her sandwich (failure!) and I downed a SF shake, then set off to the playground area.  After about 10 minutes of playing the heavens opened and we had to dash for cover rather quickly.  With Baby safely cocooned in her pram/rain cover, we strolled through the rest of the Zoo.
  3. Tuesday –  We went swimming first thing, to practice leg kicking.  Baby was very confident and is almost letting go of me and the side.  I don’t think we did anything very inspiring in the afternoon.
  4. Wednesday – Baby and I went to London to the Fisher Price Bloggers Event.  It was great to catch up with friends (HannahLauren and AK) and have a trip out.
  5. Thursday – We went to see our friends, K and T, for a play date and then Mr Hubby was at home when we got back, which was lovely.
  6. Friday – We had a chilled out morning, then went for a car nap!  After lunch we went to visit our friends J and G, which was fab as we haven’t seen them for ages.  Actually since Baby’s party back in March.
  7. Saturday – We had no inspiration for a day trip, so we wandered round town, got a few bits we needed and then took Baby to the park.  I met Steph in the park, it’s a small world!  I wasn’t feeling 100%, so we just had a lazy afternoon at home.

So that’s our week captured, quite a mixed bag.  What have you been up to this week? x

As always I am linking up with the fabulous Hannah from Make Do & Push #TWTWC

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