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Another rainy week!  Watching those poor people on the news, I know we are getting off lightly.  I am so longing for longer spells of dry weather now.  Everything is much harder with a baby in the pouring rain.

Anyhoo, here is our week in pictures!

Our week in pictures

1. Sunday – We just bimbled around at home and I baked for visitors – Cracking Carrot Cupcakes.

2. Monday – My friend came to visit and for tea and cake! I then had to do a spot of freelance music work for a client in the afternoon.

3. Tuesday – Errands run, trip to supermarket.  Daddy was home early and Aunty Jen arrived as she was staying with us for couple of days.

4. Wednesday – Baby Sensory Valentine’s session.  Baby had lots of fun as usual and saw her friend ‘I’.  I am always amazed at the imagination of Jane, who runs our classes.

5. Thursday – Baby and I went for a walk and it was actually sunny (at the start), a little less so half way round.  Baby spent the rest of the day doing lots of standing.

6. Friday – Valentines day!  Hubby gave me a brilliant ice cream bowl (he must have taken notice of this post!) and I gave him a homemade 52 reasons I love you pack of cards.  Baby and I went shopping with Aunty Jen and had a trip to costa for lunch.  Baby tried a chicken and bacon toastie and thought it was yummy!

7. Saturday – We popped into a cool Vintage market, before our day out at The Vyne (National Trust house & gardens).

So that is our week that was captured.  We didn’t do anything earth shatteringly exciting, but another week with my lovely family and it was so lovely to see Aunty Jen again.

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