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30th March 2013 our little angel was born

night feedOne month old and still finding our feet (30th April 2013)

bathTwo months (30th May 2013).  Shortly before we decided she may prefer to have a shower and not a bath.

Not a fan of baths!

3 months3 month photo shoot (30th June 2013)

baby at barburyBaby’s first time at an event 7th July 2013.

laugh 1Although she smiled for the first time on 16th May (at 6 1/2 weeks) it took me until 16th July to manage to capture it on camera!

first rideFirst time on a horse! Good old Topaz.  19th July 2013

4 months4 months old.  30th July 2013.

farm 2First time meeting a ‘proper’ pony.  11th August 2013.

519th August 2013.

Baby & MummyOur first family trip to the Zoo.  28th August 2013.

weaning, first food, baby29th August 2013.

b130th August 2013.

6 months old30th September 2013.

7 months7 months old.  30th October 2013.

Halloween31st October 2013.

PlaygroundFirst time at the playground.  2nd November 2013.

My 1st Shoes26th November 2013.  Baby’s first pair of Clarks shoes.

8 months old8 months old.  30th November 2013.

Ava & DonkeyFirst time riding.  2nd December 2013.

Baby 21First fancy dress party.  7th December 2013.

Baby with SantaFirst visit to Santa.  9th December 2013.

Baby PantoFirst Pantomime.  15th December 2013.

Baby clappingFirst solo clapping.  21st December 2013.

Xmas 1First Christmas Day.  25th December 2013.

walkFirst bike ride.  26th December 2013.

9 months9 months old.  30th December 2013.

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