Wednesday Words #6 - You Baby Me Mummy

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I am linking up again with Crazy With Twins Wednesday Words feature.  This feature give’s us license to find a quote, lyric, poem, whatever we fancy that we identify with or that helps to tell our story.

Baby is really developing a sense of herself.  She is definitely a little person that knows her own mind, and that is evident already.  She is extremely determined and strong willed.  Most of the time she is an angel, a delight to be with.  Her strong personality makes her funny, confident and just a little bit crazy!  However, there are times when this amazing strength of character makes her challenging and difficult to deal with.  At the moment that is manifesting itself in her lack of desire to lie flat, which is making nappy changing and dressing quite a feat.  I came across this quote and I thought it summed her up perfectly.




Wednesdays words

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