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This week on the whole has been utterly rubbish!  Baby has been ill, very sick for most of the week and we had to have a trip to A&E.  Mr Hubby and myself were also ill and it took until Friday night to start to feel vaguely normal.

Anyhoo…, here is our week in pictures.

Our week

1. Sunday – We went for a drive and found an NCT sale.  Got so many bargains, including a Quinny pushchair for £20!  We had lunch and I came home to an email saying we had won £100 in John Lewis vouchers for our entry in the Barny Little Adventures challenge.  One of only 5 winners from 81 entries!

2. Monday – It all started to go downhill rapidly!  Baby kept being sick and so I took her to the Doctors.  She did manage a quick gurn though while we were waiting (strange child…)

3. Tuesday – Baby still being sick!  Then I became very ill when putting Baby to bed.  HORRIBLE NIGHT, hopefully one not to be repeated EVER (thanks Universe).

4. Wednesday – Mr Hubby took baby to the local park for some air, I was too poorly to go, booooo!

5. Thursday – We all popped to the park (I drove while they walked!).  Then Baby was violently sick and after calls to Doctor & NHS Direct we were told to go to A & E.  Mr Hubby ill now too, so we were officially now The House of Horrors!

6. Friday – We pottered at home, baby still not 100% and so VERY clingy.  We went to collect a parcel and it was Baby’s Anna Lou of London Jewellery (more coming soon).  Got supplies, as it had started to resemble rationing in our house.

7. Saturday – A friend came over to help me plan Baby’s 1st birthday cake.  Then we went to a local Vintage Fair and then a scout round the charity shops to buy crockery for Baby’s Alice in Wonderland Tea Party.  Apart from an extreme Code Brown situation (all over the new car seat), things seem to be getting back to normal.  Hallelujah

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