Our week that was captured #17 - You Baby Me Mummy

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So this week was a mix for us, some busy fun times and some quiet times.  A few interesting blog things happening and as always there never seems to be enough time to do everything.  All in all a pretty good week,  ending with my first blog conference, yikes!

Baby’s Week

Baby's week

My Week

My week

  1. Sunday – It was Baby’s first proper Easter.  After pressies, we went on a day trip to the Aquarium and then Baby’s Aunty cooked a mega roast lamb.  Pretty good day!
  2. Monday – We went to a local-ish pub for lunch.  Then bought Baby a Charlie Bear, which she loved.  Although I might love him more…
  3. Tuesday – I started SlimFast (Boooo!).  Baby had her injections and we popped to the supermarket.  NOT a very exciting day!  Baby was feeling a little sorry for herself, poor Baby.
  4. Wednesday – We needed some fresh air, so we biked to the park, played on the swings and biked back.  Baby biked, I walked, although I would quite like a go on her bike.  Then it was back to Doctors with Baby, as she is still having tummy problems, poor little mite.
  5. Thursday – We had nothing planned and Baby was quite whingy.  So not the best day.  She has two more teeth now, which I don’t think is helping things.  Mr Hubby took her out to her swing when he came home, as my head was banging (thanks slimfast).
  6. Friday – We started Toddler Sense!  I must admit I thought it was dog agility when we arrived, VERY different to Baby Sensory, but Baby had fun.  She didn’t want to wake up after her nap.
  7. Saturday – I left Baby for the first time (for a whole day) and went to BlogCamp.  It was really good and I met some lovely fellow bloggers,  more on that on a future post.  Baby had a lovely day with Daddy.

Oh and the reason she is wearing the cow print onesie all the time, is that we have no heating at the moment and this is the warmest thing she owns.  We do wash it overnight!

I hope you have all had a lovely week.  As always I am linking up with the lovely Hannah from Make Do & Push #TWTWC

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