Our week that was captured #29

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This week we have had lots of fun outside.  The sun has shone in our little part of the world, for most of the week and we have made the most of it.

Our Week


  1. Sunday – We went to a local children’s farm and had lots of fun.
  2. Monday – We had a lovely play date with our friends K and T-B.  It was fab to see them and hear about their holiday.  In the afternoon we spent some time in the garden, enjoying the water table.
  3. Tuesday – It was the first day of Toddler swimming classes, Baby was fabulous and did a little bit of solo swimming.  We played in the garden again, as she loves it so much.
  4. Wednesday – Baby didn’t nap.. All. Day.  We had to go and stock up on supplies, so we popped into the local playground on the way out.
  5. Thursday – We went out to get a few bits.  Baby wants to wash her hands in the sink, so we needed a little step and a few other bits.  I might have bought Baby some things in H&M….  We had a stroll through the park and a play on the playground.  Baby accosted a lovely lady and made the lady walk round with her holding her finger…  Then in the afternoon our friends L and K came round for tea and a catch up.
  6. Friday – Toddler Sense first thing, then Baby and I had lunch in M&S and I bought a new skirt in the sale, £7?  yes please!
  7. Saturday – We popped to the local DIY shop and supermarket.  We did a little bit of rearranging and started to paint the kitchen.  We both hate the colour so we have got to do it again!

So that’s our week captured.  What have you got up to this week? x

As always I am linking up with the fabulous Hannah from Make Do & Push #TWTWC

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