Our week that was captured #26

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This week has been reasonable quiet for us.  We have pottered around and it has mainly just been Baby and I.  We found out that we are finalists in the QHotels Ambassador competition (please feel free to throw us a vote if you are feeling generous!).  So here is our week which was, captured;

Our Week


  1. Sunday – We spent the morning at home finishing bits and bobs in Baby’s new room.  Then we took her for a car nap and had a wander round the shops.  Pretty chilled out really.  Baby made a little mess when she ate her spag bol!
  2. Monday – We popped in to town.  I tried to treat Baby to lunch in Pret, but she wasn’t *bovvered*!  I love how utterly unimpressed she looks in this picture!  Baby also insisted on wearing her veg basket on her head, while she was riding her rocking horse….
  3. Tuesday – We had swimming in the morning and in the afternoon we played in Baby’s room.  Another quiet day.
  4. Wednesday – Baby and I planned to go the the local Baby gym, however when we got there it was shut.  So we headed a couple of miles down the road to the local soft play centre.  Baby loved the sit in cars and the football pitch, but wasn’t particularly fussed about the soft play bits!
  5. Thursday – I posted my first weight loss blog post!  8lb loss (and 14″).  We went to visit one of my oldest friends, who is just about to have her baby.
  6. Friday – I had an opticians appointment in the morning and so Mr Hubby stayed at home with Baby.  I also had chance for a cheeky haircut before my sight test.  It was so weird walking around town without my hands on the pram.  When I got home Mr Hubby went to work and Baby and I played in the garden.
  7. Saturday – I went to Birmingham for the day to attend BlogCamp (a blogging conference).  More on this soon!

So that’s our week captured.  What have you got up to this week? x

As always I am linking up with the fabulous Hannah from Make Do & Push #TWTWC

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