Our week that was captured #43

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This week has been a pretty cool week!  I have had a brilliant blogging week, which makes me very happy.  Here is a snapshot of our week captured!

Our Week


  • Sunday – We went to Marwell, but Baby was really grizzly and shouty, so we didn’t stay for that long.  In the evening I found out I won the Best Non-Dad Blog in the 2014 LoveAllDads awards.  This helped me get over Baby’s antics!
  • Monday – Baby and I didn’t have any plans, so we headed off to a local park.  She had it all to herself and loved it so much.  Although she now thinks steps are a slide and looks confused when she doesn’t slide.
  • Tuesday – We went to Baby’s swimming lesson.  She is still not back to her old level of confidence, but hopefully things will start to improve again.  I think our session clashing with nap time doesn’t help.  In the evening I found I that I had risen to 91 in the Tots100 rankings, which I am very pleased and grateful for.
  • Wednesday – We were a little late leaving the house in the morning, but headed to our local nature lakes where we went to see the ducks and played in the playground.
  • Thursday – Baby woke up at 4.20am and didn’t want to go back to sleep.  Luckily for me, it was Mr Hubby’s turn, so I got another couple of hours sleep.  We then went to visit Steph from Diary of a Midlife Mummy, which was so lovely.  Mr Hubby came home from work early, as he was off to his friends house to do a beer review for me!  He took over watching Baby napping in the car, while I did some frantic blogging catch up, as we were off to an event in the evening.  We had an amazing time (post coming soon).
  • Friday – Baby and I had a quiet morning, I was mainly trying to catch up a little.  Mr Hubby arrived home and we took Baby out for a car nap.  We popped to Sainsbury’s toy sale again!
  • Saturday – We took Baby to the park.  I love seeing her in her element, running around like a crazy person!  She then had a nap in the car, while Mr Hubby watched her and I went to buy some new shoes!  Then in the afternoon, Baby and I were invited to a friends daughters 2nd birthday party.  Baby was mental! She wouldn’t stay in the hall and kept running outside onto the patio.  Grubbing around for stones and trying to get in this patch of water!  In the end we left early as everytime I tried to take her back in she started yelling!  Joy!

So that’s our week captured.  What have you got up to this week? x

As always I am linking up with the fabulous Hannah from Make Do & Push #TWTWC

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