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This week has been a week of two halves for us.  We had a great start to the week spending time with friends, which we love.  Then Baby struggled during the second half of the week with a stinking cold, which saw her try to cling onto me for most of Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday, poor buba.

Anyway, here is our week in pictures!

Our week

1. Sunday – We decided to get Baby a walker, as she now doesn’t like her Jumperoo.  We wandered round the shops and Baby decided to try pickpocketing!

2. Monday – We had a play-date at K and T’s house, with a few other friends, which was lovely.  T has so many toys and everyone had lots of fun.

3. Tuesday – We went to visit a friend of mine and Baby played with her sons.  She was zonked after playing with the big boys!

4. Wednesday – Another play date this time at Z and D’s house.  I always get serious house envy when we go there, it’s beautiful.  Baby slept through the first half of the play-date.  Then we met Daddy and after lunch bought Baby some new threads!

5. Thursday – Baby was absolutely streaming with cold, but we ventured to town as I had some errands to run.  Bless her she was so sad, but I always think fresh air does you good when you’re poorly.  Oh and she went in her new car seat for the first time.

6. Friday – We had a lazy morning then it was off to the hospital to see the pediatrician or should I say Doctor Dismissive!

7. Saturday – We had a lovely day at Beale Park in the sun…  Yes the Sun!

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