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This weekend has been ordinary and magical in equal measure.  I often find the most magical moments can be found in the most ordinary of situations.  We are always so happy to wake up on Saturday morning and know we have Mr Hubby with us.  Baby’s face is a picture when she first see’s him, as during the week he leaves before we get up (usually!), it’s pure delight.

On Saturday we woke to a stunning day, very bright and sunny, but still a little crisp.  In the afternoon we all went to the 1st birthday party of one of Baby’s best friends.  It was such a wonderful party, such attention to detail, my friend did her little daughter proud.  There was lots going on, a music workshop and the usual party hubbub.  I love times like this, that even when in a busy environment, it can all melt away and I am just with Baby or the three of us are together.  Whatever is going on around us, for some brief moments it is just us.  Having a moment of connection and it is like everything and everyone else just disappears.  Our lovely little family.  Baby is so cuddly at the moment, I am making the most of it.


Then on Sunday we all piled into the car, without any idea of where we were going.  Sometimes I think you just have to get going and see what happens.  We decided to find somewhere to go for a walk and then have some lunch.  So we headed off to Marlborough (where we got married!),  then by chance we saw a sign advertising an NCT sale in Marlborough.  It was fate!  I do love NCT sales, as they sell great quality items and most of it is really reasonably priced.  We bumped into one of my lovely friends who was also bargain hunting.  In the end we got quite a haul,  a Quinny Pushchair for twenty pounds, a hobby horse for five pounds, a trampoline for five pounds and lots of books, toys and a few bits of clothes.  The car was completely jam packed and we spent seventy pounds, which considering what we got was awesome.  Baby was so well behaved and Mr Hubby kept me supplied with tea, he knows the way to my heart.  Then we headed back into town for lunch.  In the evening I received an email telling me that I had won one of five prizes in the BritMums Barny Little Adventure competition, our entry is here.

So ordinary days and a magical party have filled our weekend.  I cherish our weekends so much.  Spending time with Baby and Mr Hubby seems like a gift,  I am so grateful.  What did you get up to at the weekend?


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