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Welcome back to ‘5 Things’, a feature which allows me to talk about a variety of subjects in one place.  This week;

5 things

To Lift Your Mood

As Mama’s we have tend to have a generous spirit.  All the people in our lives come top of our list, leaving us lucky if we even make it onto the list.  We have people who rely on us and it is so easy to forget about our own needs.  To simply focus all our time and energy on caring for others.

I believe this can be where problems can develop with our mental well being.  Not always with dire consequences, but enough to chip away and add to negativities we carry round with us.  We must remember a happy mama is a better mama.

I am terrible for giving myself any ‘me’ time, partly down to a lack of support/childcare to allow me this time.  However, I do have little things I try to do that help me if I am having a stressful day. Small things that lift my mood and set me up for a better day.

Not every day can be a good day, but there is good in every day

  • Go outside – It can be tempting on a ‘low mood day’ to stay indoors, in the comfort of your house.  Don’t do it people!  I truly believe that a trip outside (even in bad weather) brings your mood up.  Fresh air and removing myself from our four walls, always perks me up.  Baby and I both go a little stir crazy if we are stuck in the house all day.

5 Things

 Combining my first and last points!

  • Listen to music – Obviously don’t pick music that makes you feel thoughtful, down or sad. Everyone has happy songs, so pop them on and feel the benefit.  Either sing along or grab your little one (if they are small enough to not object) and have a dance.  Moments like this are good for the soul.
  • Connect with a friend – We all live busy lives and physically catching up with friends at times can be difficult.  In a world surrounded by social media, it is so easy to make contact.  A simply message through Facebook chat, a tweet, a text or an old fashioned phone call to a friend can do you the world of good and lets them know you were thinking of them.
  • Hug someone! – I love a good hug, nothing connects you to someone like hugging does.  I think hugging releases happy hormones and we should all do it more often.  I am not advocating that you walk up to a random stranger and offer a bear hug, but friends, family and even pets are good hugging partners.

5 things

An old photo, I haven’t dyed my hair again!

  • Count your blessings – This might sound a little cheesy, but I am going to say it.  We ALL have our worries and troubles, it can be so easy to let these negative thoughts take over, but we ALL have lots to be thankful for too.  So, when things are getting to you, take a moment to think of your gratitude list; all the things, however small, that you are grateful for.
  • Have a cup of tea – O.k so this is a bonus entry!  I believe in the power of a good old cup of tea!  I might be slightly addicted, but it is warm, comforting and always puts me in my happy place.

What things help to lift your mood?  Do you like tea as much as I do?!

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