Mums’ List #17

It’s Mums’ List time with the fabulous Hannah over at Mums’ Days.  Mums’ List allows us to share the highlights (personal and blogging) of our week and also the things that still need to be ticked off our Mums’ Lists!

mums list image Mums List #17



  • I have achieved a fair bit this week.  I could still do with more hours in the day, but couldn’t we all!
  • Baby and I went to London on the train and tube – mini achievement.

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(Waiting for our train)


  • My most popular new blog post this week has been this one, but this one had a lot of renewed interest.
  • New blog discovery; Diary of a Midlife Mummy.  I came across the lovely Steph’s blog this week and I love it.  Be sure to check it out!
  • Baby and I went to the #AmazonSummer event in London.  It was a great event with fabulous kids entertainers.  Baby got a goody bag and I was gifted a Kindle Fire HDX.  Thank you Amazon!
  • We have some lovely things in the post winging their way to us for review.
  • I passed the 3.5k followers mark on Twitter and now have almost 1,200 FB likes, which I am really pleased with.  Now need to build up Instagram, Pinterest and Google +   Any takers?….
  • I have started putting together a newsletter (using a fabulous plug in).



  • This post on Blog Life balance has really got me thinking and it makes some excellent points.  I need to find a better balance.
  • I have found a couple of lovely blogging ladies inspirational this week, with regards to travelling with children.  Mags travelled on her own with 3 small children to London for a blogging event; when I was worried about just getting Baby and I there!.  Also I read this post by Jenny and was amazed at her achievement of travelling solo, that far, with two small children.  If these ladies can, then I can get out and about with Baby more, when the opportunity arises.  Thanks ladies.
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42 Thoughts on “Mums’ List #17

  1. Thanks for the mention hunny! Hope it inspired you. Once you start travelling and getting out with baby more you will be surprised how easy it becomes. It’s just adjusting to what to bring and do. Get creative my lovely.

    • You Baby Me Mummy on July 12, 2014 at 10:05 am said:

      You certainly did hun. I can’t believe you did that all on your own. Hope you are having an amazing time x

  2. It was lovely meeting you and “yellow baby” on Thursday – she certainly kept you on your toes running about after her! Look forward to meeting you at future events.
    Mags x

  3. Wow, what a fantastic week of achievements! I’m so pleased to hear the blog’s doing so well, and that you’re reaping the benefits.

  4. There’s something deeply satisfying about building something up from nothing and watching it take off – I guess that applies to both blogging and babies! Congratulations on all your achievements.

  5. You have been bust, there were lots of christmas in july events this month in London.I hope baby and you enjoyed your trip.

  6. It looks like you have had a wonderful week and have managed to achieve so much. Your blog is fantastic and you deserve all the positive things which are happening. Well done you and here is to another positive, successful week.

  7. Wow you have been busy, glad to hear that you had a mini tube adventure, I think we’ll be doing that on tues! x

  8. I always worry about travelling around London with my two. It’s never as bad as I think but I can’t help worry about the tube!

  9. Wow. HOW are you getting so many follows and likes on Twitter and Facebook?! Tell me your secrets lol!!!

    • You Baby Me Mummy on July 13, 2014 at 5:01 pm said:

      Twitter I have no idea, I just get quite a lot of new follows each day. FB was lower and a few comps built it up, then 2 FB ads increased my likers dramatically x

  10. Some very good and exciting achievements this week.

  11. Ahhhh Aby. It sounds like you had a really good week. I’ve taken Little Miss H to London on the train a few times and it is quite stressful. Last time, she filled her nappy as soon as we got on the train and through a tantrum because I wouldn’t let her eat food from the train food. But after reading Jenny’s post about travelling to America – I realised that I can’t complain. Also, thanks for the lovely mention. I’ve said it before, but I do have excellent taste. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

    • You Baby Me Mummy on July 13, 2014 at 5:03 pm said:

      Thank you hun. Luckily we had no nappy issues, although she would have eaten off the floor given half a chance! It was ok and I would do it again xx

  12. wow what a great list! congratulations on the twitter and facebook milestone! x

  13. What a fab week you have had, great on the success of train travel with baby in tow. That is enough achievement in itself. Well done on the Twitter liked and FB too.

  14. Well done on getting out and about and you know what it really gets easier and she will get used to being about and about more. It was lovely to meet you

    • You Baby Me Mummy on July 13, 2014 at 4:52 pm said:

      Thank you. It was lovely to meet you to. We get out and about every day, but I guess it was just the distance and not having my car that was bothering me. I won’t think twice about it next time x

  15. It sounds like you’ve had a fantastic week! It’s very brave of you to go to London with your little one. Congratulations on doing so well with your blogging! That’s a fantastic amount of Twitter followers!

  16. My two are 9 and 11 and I still dont really like taking them to London without my husband ;-)

    Sounds like you;ve had a busy busy week x x

  17. That Amazon event sounds great – I’m jealous!! I need to get on more lists (whatever they are!). it’s all good though love, you’re doing really well and it’s totally deserved :) xxx RE going to London on the train, I think you WERE brave – good for you! I got on a bus with Reuben in Brighton and we both nearly lost it. It was only 10 minutes!! Travelling with kids is like labour, some find it harder than others ;)


    • You Baby Me Mummy on July 14, 2014 at 7:30 am said:

      Thanks hun! The Amazon event was via TOTS100, it was great fun, even with an extremely hyper active Baby :) xxx

  18. sounds like a good week – sometimes when we look back we acheived more than we think!

  19. I wanted to go to the amazon event but it didn’t fit in with times sadly

  20. Well done on all your achievements! x

  21. Aby your #Mumslist are always so packed full of great achievements and good ideas! thank you for being such an inspiring blogger xx

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