Do you cook with your kids?  Do you think it’s fun?  I must admit I haven’t always thought that Baby plus cooking is fun and she probably hasn’t either.  The kitchen is an exciting place and so all she hears is me saying ‘leave that alone’, ‘don’t touch that’, which can’t be very nice or very relaxing.

Ikea have launched a new manifesto, which comes from kids to parents.  It’s called ‘Cooking With Parents’ and hopes to show you how you can encourage your little ones to enjoy helping out in the kitchen.  It covers five key rules, which will ensure your kids stay happy in the kitchen.

Cooking with kids

1. ‘Don’t correct me all the time’

It must be awful to be corrected all the time, yet we can find ourselves doing just that to our children, making them feel useless.  They need encouragement and praise to be happy.

2. ‘Don’t get mad if I fail’

Learning a new skill is never easy, especially for children.  So they will fail at times, that’s o.k and to be expected, so don’t get mad. It will just reinforce a negative feeling surrounding the activity.

3. ‘Don’t rush me’

Cooking can be time criticial, but children don’t like being rushed.  Even more so when they are learning new skills.  Try giving them responsibility for tasks that don’t have an urgent time frame.

4. ‘And what’s wrong with being messy?’

You might be a clean freak in the kitchen, but chances are your kids won’t be.  Kids are like magnets for dirt and it is best to just let them enjoy the feeling of things on their skin.  You can always pop them in the bath afterwards.

5. ‘It’s ok to get tired or lose interest’

A kid’s attention span is not as developed as ours, so they might get distracted, become tired or lose interest completely and that’s o.k as they are kids!

Why not spend some time cooking with your kids this weekend?

For more recipes and details visit the Ikea Cooking with parents page.

Have a look at this great video to see what kids think of the kitchen.

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