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We all know that there are times when it can be difficult to keep kids entertained. Especially when the weather turns and it seems like it’s just rainy day after rainy day.


We are fairly outdoorsy, but the thought of wet slides and soaking bottoms doesn’t appeal to us much. So there are times when we are rained off; putting outdoor adventures on hold. In all other circumstances, we are the first to take our play time outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. Also kids seem far less bonkers when they are out of the house blowing off steam!


The Super Yummies and LittleLife sent us an awesome Discovery package of products to help our mini adventures be a sure-fire hit. Regardless of whether we were outdoors or indoors.  Super Yummies snacks have real ingredients, real tastes and they contain only naturally occurring sugars and salt. The range was developed by mums and nutritionists, so it’s designed specifically for toddlers. This is music to my ears.


We popped our breadsticks and fruit pouches in the LittleLife backpack and headed to explore our local town.


Super Yummies


It can be quite tough to find nutritious yummy easily portable kids snacks, so it was great to have the Super Yummies ready in the kitchen for us to grab on the way out.


Our Discovery pack contained the gorgeous rabbit backpack (ladybirds and other animals are available too), some fabulous book/activity packs and obviously the Super Yummies snacks. The activity packs were really fabulous. So we took with us the Expedition envelope in case we found anything on our travels which we wanted to take home, such as leaves, conkers or twigs. There were lots of activities in the books of things you can make with your treasures.




We are surrounded by fabulous parks where we live, but we headed into town to the largest one, so we could tie in a few other things too.




Ava loved her backpack so much! We are regular park goers, there are so many mini adventures to have right there in your local park. I think she would be happy playing in the park all day and sometimes I think she prefers a simple trip to the park to a full-on day out somewhere specific.




It wasn’t long before she stopped swinging and spinning and wanted something to eat. So she gave the Tomato and Herb Mini Breadsticks a whirl and the verdict was a big thumbs up. She has always been a fan of fruit/yoghurt pouches and the Super Yummies ones were no exception; they were soon polished off.




The Super Yummies range


  • Breadsticks – Spinach / tomato & herb


  • Rice cakes – pear & berries rice cakes/apple & orange rice cakes


  • Pouches – apple & forest fruits yoghurt / strawberry, kiwi & banana squeeze / mixed berries & coconut squeeze


  • Beetroot & parsnip slices (36+ months) / strawberry & yoghurt pieces (36+ months)/ banana & yoghurt pieces (36+ months)






One of her favourite things to do in the park in the zip wire, she totally adores it. Mummy less so, she looks so grown up!




I was glad I grabbed a cup of tea on the way to the park, as this part of our adventure took quite some time!












After LOTS of park fun, we started to collect a few things in our Expedition envelope. As we wandered across the park under the setting sun. she collected bit and bobs. We had such a fun time!








We decided to walk back to our car down the canal, so we could see the ducks and swans that we love.
















super yummies mini adventure


super yummies mini adventure


We had such a lovely mini adventure and have a bulging envelope, so we can do some of the activities in the great books another day (probably when it is raining!).



Disclosure: This is a commissioned post.

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