Gynoii asked us to review their smart baby monitor.  We love a bit of technology, so we couldn’t resist having a look.  This monitor is a WiFi based system that live streams images directly to your Smart phone or tablet.  Working on both IOS and Android devices.

The monitor can be used on a table top stand or via a clamp, meaning it is so flexible in terms of where you can place it. Great for ensuring a good view of your child.

Gynoii Baby Monitor

I was going to leave it for Mr Hubby to set up, as I hate reading instructions, but I pressed on and it was really easy to set up. I attached the monitor using the clamp, as it was easier considering our room layout.  Then I downloaded the app, created an acount, the monitor then accesses your WiFi network.  All you then need to do is verify by scanning the QR code on the back of the monitor itself.

Gynoii Baby Monitor

The Gynoii Smart Baby Monitor offers image capture and time lapse videos.  The monitor can be set to record any length of time you and it then reduces this footage to a more concise 10 second video.  The camera is full colour and if using the talk back feature (simply press a button within the app to talk to your child), the sound is clear.  The app also allows you to play downloaded songs through the monitor or select pre recorded lullabies. Which would be great for calming an upset baby.  You can edit the video, add music and then share to social networks, should you wish.

Gynoii Baby Monitor

It is possible to link up more than one monitor to the app, which is useful if you have children in different rooms or in different beds within the same room. Up to six users can access the footage through the app, they just need to login to the same account.  This can be done from anywhere in the world.

Gynoii Baby Monitor

The app can be programmed to send a notification if the monitor detects a sound or any movement.  It is possible to adjust the sensitivity of the monitor too.

Gynoii Baby Monitor

When you want to access the camera, just open the app and make sure the live stream is selected.

We love the Gynoii Baby monitor and can’t stop watching Baby!  It is priced very reasonably at £79.99.  You can pick one up from Little Pumpkin here!

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Gynoii Video Monitor

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Review of the innovative Gynoii Baby Monitor

Disclosure: We received this monitor in return for an honest review.

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