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I have A LOT of photos, and I mean A LOT.  One of my biggest bugbears is my iPhone continually telling me I’ve run out of storage space and cannot possible take another picture or even doc an Instagram Story. Sometimes I only have my phone with me, so the moments that presented themselves just pass us by as I desperately delete and restart my phone.


Those days are gone my friends! The lovely folks over at Picture Keeper believe that protecting our memories shouldn’t be this difficult and I have to agree! The Picture Keeper Connect gives you a way to backup all of your images on all of your devices – smartphones, tablets, and computers.



Choose the storage capacity you need


This handy gadget comes in 16 GB, 32 GB, or 64 GB and allows you to store photos, videos and even contacts.  The great thing is that each future backup only saves new files, it will never duplicate anything to avoid duplications using up your storage space. You can even use multiple Picture Keeper Connects and the app will integrate seamlessly.


Easy to use


All you do is download the free Picture Keeper Connect app, plug the Picture Keeper Connect drive into your device, and launch the app. Click ‘Start Backup’, and let Picture Keeper Connect download your photos, videos and contacts onto one portable compact USB drive. That’s it, so simple.



Extra features



  • Increased flexibility – As your images are on the Picture Keeper Connect, it makes it quick and easy to view your files on someone else’s phone or laptop. It’s also an easy way to get phone pictures onto your laptop, which is not dependent on signal or wifi.


  • Fun stuff – Via the app you can create custom gifts and prints with your photos directly from the drive.


  • Speed – It’s so quick to access and use your information.


  • In case of emergency – For those times when your kid drops your phone down the loo. Simply plug the drive into any phone or smart device and instantly access stored contacts, phone numbers and your pictures. So you can look at them while your phone is in a bowl or rice!


Have a look at this video to see it in action.


[vc_video title=”Watch it in action” link=”″]


Internet free solution


As mentioned this is a completely internet free solution. Cloud back ups have their limitations and I must admit mine never seem to work properly. There is also nothing like having your files/pictures in your hand. The Picture Keeper Connect works anywhere, at any time


Will it work for my devices?


If you have an iPhone 5 or above or an Android OTG (3.1+). Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, MAC OS 10.5 and above. You can click here for a more detailed compatibility list.


I love the Picture Keeper Pro, it has taken a headache away from me and I know that within a couple of seconds everything is backed up and I am good to go, I can clear my phone and leave space to do the things I want to with it.


Have you tried external storage for your phone?


Disclosure: I was given this product in return for sharing my honest views.

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