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O.K I have a confession….. I love cereal!  I have said many times before, but if it weren’t for Mr Hubby (who cooks), I would live on cereal.  My favourite cereal treats being Muesli and Granola.  We were recently sent some breakfast products from Eat Natural; I was really looking forward to trying them, as I really enjoy their macadamia nut bars.

We received the Toasted Muesli Buckwheat and the Toasted Muesli Vine Fruit.

Eat Natural

Gluten free!

Eat Natural

I normally do a little blogging at breakfast, while Baby is occupied.  So I got everything ready and then this happened……

Eat Natural

After taking my eyes off her for just a second….. she tried to help herself!

Eat Natural

Although I was a little miffed that Baby tried to steal my muesli, I wasn’t worried about her eating it.  All the ingredients are healthy and natural, with no added nasties, which is peace of mind when your little one scoffs it all!.

I We enjoyed both mueslis and we will definitely be getting them again in the future.


Disclosure: We were invited to take part in a blogger competition and were sent the muesli in order to review it. 

However, all opinions are my (and Baby’s!) own and are 100% honest.

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