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It will not come as a shock to anyone to learn that I have wobbly bits.  I would rather I hadn’t, but they are there and they are not going away any time soon.  I have tried various support underwear over the years, but I really haven’t got on with most pieces I have tried.  For those of us who are lacking in body confidence, there is nothing quite like good supportive underwear.  It can act like body armour and help to boost your confidence.  It also makes your clothes look better!

However, I usually feel very uncomfortable in support wear and it is certainly not something I could wear for more than a few hours.

Then I received an email which caught my eye, from Fit Britches!  Fit Britches was invented and launched by Farnaz Khan after she had four children and struggled with her body confidence.  This struck a cord with me, o.k I only have one child, but my body confidence is on the floor.

Fit Britches is an award winning, clinically proven anti cellulite shapewear range, which has been seen widely in the press; Daily Mail, Bella, Sunday Post, This Morning and on celebrities including Khloe Kardashian, Jessie J and many more.  Fit Britches mission is to reshape the world.  I knew I needed to learn more about these products and find out what makes them for different to other brands.

Fit Britches have four products, leggings, knickers, shorts and tops.

Fit Britches

How can Fit Britches help to make you skinny!

As we put on weight, it is usual for our circulation to deteriorate.  This results in the body becomes weaker at burning fat.  Also, as the ‘fat’ areas have less circulation, they get colder and this causes the fat to cool and turn from subcutaneous fat to cellulite!

Here’s where Fit Britches come in, they retain your body heat, so that the heat gets under the fat tissue and increases blood flow.  As the blood comes back, the metabolism rises and melts the fat!  This results in smoother and firmer skin, plus lost inches.

Clinically proven:

Fit Britches has been tried and tested by independent laboratories.

Test results show most women reported improved appearance of cellulite, a reduction in waist, hips and thigh measurements and that their clothes felt less tight.

Here are some stats (if they are your thing!)

Results (average loss) after 30 Days:

  • Reduction in thigh measurements
  • 92% higher skin blood microcirculation
  • 11% improved cellulite signs
  • 8% more skin elasticity
  • 51% Better thermoregulation
  • 9% more collagen synthesis
  • 33% Lower lactate accumulate

It is recommend to wear Fit Britches 6 hours a day, 7 days a week for 30 days as part of a healthy diet and exercise regime for optimum results.

Fit Britches

My experience

The first difference I noticed between Fit Britches and their competitors, was the shaping to the legs.  The next task, getting them on!  They were SNUG, but I did have confidence that they would fit, as when you pulled them there was always more fabric available. Once on, they cover you from under your bra to your ankles.  The most surprising thing to me was that they were really comfortable!  There was nothing digging in, as I have experienced before and I felt really toned (I am so not!).

I have worn these leggings a couple of times now and I can honestly say I could wear them all day.  I would highly recommend this shape wear to anyone who is looking for control underwear or someone who wants to lose a few inches!

If you are still not convinced, you can ready other reviews here.

The leggings are priced at £59.99, and while to me that seems quite expensive, it is comparable to other ranges.

Fit Britches have kindly offered all my readers 10% discount!  All you have to do is visit the website and use the code YOUB.

Fit BritchesDisclosure: I was sent a pair of leggings in return for an honest review.

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