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JOHNSON’S® Bubble Monster Challenge


How’s bath time in your house? A tricky time or a breeze? When Ava was a baby I used to hold her in the shower with me, as she would not tolerate going in the bath at all. This worked well enough, until she became too big and slippery. Then we had months when bath time was a real struggle. Even starting to swim didn’t help her overcome her bath worries!


johnson's monster bubble challenge


The turning point for Ava was getting a sand and water table for the garden. After an hour or so playing with the water, splashing and having a really fun time, she went straight into the bath, no ifs or buts.


So for us highlighting the fun side or the bath is what really made a difference to her views on having a bath. She also has always hated getting shampoo in her eyes, which has always made hair washing a challenge. JOHNSON’S® No More Tears formulation has meant this worry has disappeared entirely. Which is great news; there is nothing worse than having to end a fun bath time with tears and grumpiness caused by rinsing her hair.


JOHNSON’S® send us some Bubble Baby Bath & Wash and their fabulous Bubble Monster Kit, so we could add even more fun to our bath-time.




The kit included these great laminated cards, each displaying a different character, their likes and dislikes. Ava couldn’t wait to learn all about them during bath-time. We were also sent some JOHNSON’S® Bubble Baby Bath & Wash, which has been specially formulated to create lots of bath bubbles. It gently cleanses delicate skin without drying and it’s unique No More Tears® formula is mild to the eyes and does exactly what it says on the tin!


Here’s how we got on meeting the different Bubble monsters.


[vc_video title=”monster challenge” link=””]


Ava had such a wonderful time with the Bubble Monsters, her favourites were Messy Meggy and Bubbly Bo. It was such fun learning about each monster and copying the activities they love to do, such as giving Ava a bubbly hairstyle and a bubble beard.


Rinsing her hair was a dream, no whining or crying, meaning we had a lovely end to bath-time too.


I think the Bubble Monsters is such a clever idea, we had lots of fun and I know it would help children who are reluctant bath-goers to enjoy this time more.


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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