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Learning through play with Mega Bloks & Mumsnet


We have been working with Mumsnet and Mega bloks in a challenge to investigate learning through play. We were sent two products and couldn’t wait to get playing!



Ava was sent the Block Scooping Wagon and the Big Building Bag (which includes over 60 boks). I think we BOTH had a lot of fun.


So, we got to work playing with the blocks to learn more about developmental play and the role Mega blok can play. We looked at the way we could explore concepts such as colours, shapes and numbers. I couldn’t believe how many different activities we could do with just two products!


Our next challenge was to use Mega blok for imaginative ways in our play, which was great. It’s lovely to see how our little ones minds work when they don’t have any restrictions imposed on them.


Ava loved how the Bloc Scooping Wagon picked up the blocks, as she pushed it along. The wagon also comes with 20 blocks.


I much prefer educational toys, as I love to teach Ava things, therefore Mega bloks toys are perfect for us. Ava loves to learn and so would play with these constantly if she had her way. Children can benefit physically (fine and gross motor skills), cognitively (problem solving), emotionally and socially (self expression).


The blocks are safe and colourful, so make for a brilliant addition to any toy cupboard. At home we’ve been looking at numbers and getting Ava to add and subtract using Mega blok, which makes it much more fun for her, as she is really engaged with the colours and the blocks make the entire learning process much more fun.


We totally adore Mega blok, we always have, but we have loved the chance to look closely at these particular products and actually stop to realise how beneficial they can be for our children.


Have a peek at the video below and don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe for more Mumsnet videos.


[vc_video title=”Mega blok” link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwR3p9F9TnE “]


Do you have Mega bloks at home? Does your child enjoy playing with them? What sort of games/tasks do you do with your child?


Disclosure: This is a commissioned post.

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