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We recently put the Bissell MultiReach™ Ion Plus 18V cordless vacuum cleaner through its paces. I never thought a vacuum could look elegant, but this one manages it. It’s so lightweight that even Baby can happily push it around, which is a total result! Another great feature is the removable hand-held vacuum, which is the main compartment of the vacuum, but can be pulled off the unit and used to get in those awkward nooks and crannies. There are also lots of attachments that will make cleaning a breeze.









Well as much of a breeze as it can be with kids around! As soon as you have finished tidying of one mess, turn round and they have made another one. I often with I had magic powers that mean I can tidy up with the click of my fingers! I think I might be waiting some time for that.  What we can do though is get the kids to join in with the tidying and cleaning. They will be learning life skills and helping you out too.







Your kids may be a little reluctant, so here are my top tips on getting your kids involved in cleaning;


  • Make it a challenge or a game – Kids love games and challenges, especially if they can win!  So examples could be, ‘pick up everything that’s yellow’ or ‘can you pick up 10 toys in 1 minute’. This will get them whizzing around the house, without the need for Mary Poppins magic.
  • Make a cleaning kit – Kid’s really enjoy copying adults, so make up a replica cleaning kit (without the chemicals!) and they’ll love following you around copying you cleaning.
  • Keep it short and fun – Make the cleaning time short, sweet and focused on fun to prevent boredom creeping in.
  • Put on music – Music makes everything more fun. Maybe devise a cleaning playlist with some high energy music and you can even throw in a few dance moves as you work.
  • Use a motivator! You might say bribe? I say a motivator… For example, ‘let’s do 10 minutes of cleaning then we can go on the trampoline’.
  • Pretend play – Why not pretend to be Cinderella cleaning up before the ugly sisters arrive home!
  • If you have more than one kid (or one and include yourself!) set up a cleaning relay. 
  • Use a reward chart – Kids will do anything for stickers!
  • Create a checklist – Give them a list of tasks to accomplish and a pen to tick everything off. This will get them interested and involved.
  • Get them the right tools for the job – Purchase a kid-sized broom and dustpan/brush- they won’t want to stop cleaning.
  • Use your imagination – The dolls don’t need to go back in the box, they need to go to sleep in the box. Kids will get on board and switched on to this way of thinking and will join in putting all their toys to bed.


Do you have any tips on getting the kids to do their share of the cleaning?  Bissell have given me a MultiReach™ vacuum to giveaway to one VERY lucky reader. Enter below!


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Disclosure: We received this vacuum in return for an honest review.

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