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Longing for a comfy place to sit? #Review

Although we have a large corner couch, when people come round we always seem short of places to sit.  Especially over the festive period, when we always have family staying.  We have considered getting a big bean bag before, but we have never had the spare funds.

Recently, Bean Bag Bazaar offered us ‘The Original Bazaar Bag®’, one of their giant bean bags.  I was so excited when it arrived in two huge boxes! (the outer bag in one and the ‘beans’ in the other).


The bag is 180 x 140 cm size and can easily accommodate two people (plus the occasional Baby!).  You can use it as a floor cushion or mould it into chair.  It is a very practical seating solution, especially in households with children, as it is wipe clean and water resistant; so it can be used outside and inside.

You can pick from twelve colour options;

Bazaar bags

At first Baby was a little wary of the giant thing that turned up in her living room, but after a few minutes she claimed as her own!  She loves trying to trampoline on it and generally flinging herself around!  However, she does tend to use it also for the brief few seconds she will lie still!.  I have to limit the amount of times I sit on it, as I just want to stay there relaxing, which is rubbish for productivity!  Mr Hubby is also a fan and often has a cheeky lie on it, when he is meant to be playing with Baby….

These bean bags are usually £129.99, but at the moment you can snap one up for £64.99!  We all think it is great, super comfy, looks good and very practical.  What’s not to love!  Now for the exciting news!  In December I will have one of these babies to giveaway.  Keep checking my blog for details.


Disclosure: We were sent this bean bag in return for an honest review.

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  • mummy m's memories

    This is a great idea! We love giant bean bags in this house. We used to have a very big one for story time and snuggles before bed. #tried&tested

  • Helen

    We have bean bags and LOVE them!! That is a very good offer too!

    • You Baby Me Mummy

      Look out for the December giveaway on my blog x

  • Baby Isabella

    Thats a massive bag full of beans! it looks great I’d love a big pink one for my room 🙂

    • You Baby Me Mummy

      Watch out for the giveaway coming in December x

  • Jenna Richards

    Oh wow, such a brilliant idea. Love it!!

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    • You Baby Me Mummy

      Watch out for the giveaway coming at the beginning of December xx

  • Donna

    Oh I love a beanbag, this looks fab! x

    • You Baby Me Mummy

      It is awesome x

  • Celesse

    I like the fact its water resistant, We have a massive bean bag and its a pain if it ever needs washing. #TriedTested.

  • Brad Start

    I love the Orange and think it would fit in great at home.

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